How Advantage Media Partners Powered Through an Industry Changing Pandemic

Digital marketing company Advantage Media Partners has made its name and moved ahead even with the COVID-19 pandemic adversely affecting the industry. Advantage Media Partners was founded in 2011 as Wholesale Internet Solutions, which was bought out by Global Media Solutions out of Dallas, Texas, in 2014-15. In 2016 Advantage Media Partners merged as what it is today. Three offices merged into two sales offices and a back-end office for engineers, designers, and executives. There were around 50-60 employees who survived through an industry-changing pandemic. David Gross is the founder and CEO of Advantage Media Partners and has worked tirelessly to succeed. Search Engine Optimization, PPC Ad Management, Web Development, Graphic Design, Social Media Marketing, Google My Business, Bing Places are the many products and services offered by Advantage Media Partners.

Growth as an opportunity

Advantage Media Partners has grown by 20 percent year over year since 2016 and has been helping small to medium-sized businesses achieve their goals and dreams. Nate Baker is the Vice President, Christopher Sanders is the SEO Manager, Garrett Fields is the Vice President of Sales, Jeremy Madarang is the Web Project Coordinator, and Jimmy Woodworth is the Marketing Coordinator. Advantage Media Partners aims to help businesses advertise and overall increase website searchability and findability. Being a Google Certified Partner, Advantage Media Partners has the knowledge and experience on Ad Campaigns to advertise and promote products and businesses.

Advantage Media Partners offers many different services to help increase businesses exposure from PPC Ads, SEO, Website Development, Social Media Marketing, and much more. Advantage Media Partners looks into a company’s online presence to improve rankings and traffic. Targeting effective and efficient keywords into SEO or even PPC Ads has been the company’s forte. Advantage Media Partners has managed successful online marketing campaigns for small, medium, and large businesses for over a decade. Advantage Media Partners has trusted advisors for a wide range of clients in various industries, including automotive, towing, finance, medical, insurance, healthcare, expert witnesses, consumer products, software development, retail, etc.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Philanthropy

Advantage Media Partners has been fighting homelessness in Portland, a huge problem, especially since the pandemic. Once a year, 10-20 of the team of Advantage Media Partners go downtown and give out meals, gift cards, and blankets. Advantage Media Partners is also a second chance employer that works with recovery drug programs to assimilate newly found recovering addicts into the corporate world. Advantage Media Partners has been using its platform to let individuals have a second chance at life. Advantage Media Partners helps small, medium, and large-sized businesses build their online presence, and they also help individuals who have been recovering from drug addictions find their calling.

It is not easy helping others as one may need a heart of gold, and David Gross has been resilient and vigilant in carrying out corporate social responsibility for his company. When an individual hires a digital marketing agency, they increase their visibility. When businesses build a website, they are easier to access, and Advantage Media Partners helps have top Google rankings. Using SEO, Ad management, and PPC, Advantage Media Partners has technologies and expertise that help businesses get traction and engagement. When individuals choose Advantage Media Partners, they will learn industry insights and learn about the newest market trends and news. When a business is a start-up, it needs investment, and when it begins to pick up, it has to be marketed properly.

How marketing increases customer base

There are many online platforms that a person can market themselves on, such as through a website. As a business begins to build itself for its online presence, there will be decreased costs. When a business invests in a digital marketing agency, they will learn about their customers. With Google Analytics, a business can know from which location are they getting the most customers. With Advantage Media Partners, knowing the customer base will become hassle-free. The aim of Advantage Media Partners is to bring their customers excellent visibility that initiates sales. Advantage Media Partners helps in marketing businesses through various means and allowing the outreach to be in huge numbers.

Businesses can grow with Advantage Media Partners as the digital marketing agency has years of industry experience. When a business decides to take charge, it will become successful. It might be slow, yet with persistence, a business can prosper. Advantage Media Partners helps in accentuating that dream and letting individuals fulfill their dreams and ambitions.