How entrepreneur Avi Koren created his luxury watches and jewelry empire

Whoever said diamonds are a woman’s best friend, probably didn’t know that men possess a more acute vision for this shiny piece of stone! Testifying this fact is Dubai based, Belgian entrepreneur, Avi Koren. One glance at Koren’s Instagram feed will leave any lady surprised, if not mesmerized. We delve deeper, as we unveil his journey of creating a global business empire of luxury watches and exquisite jewelry.

 From gold to diamonds

Avi Koren’s love for luxury started early as a child when he joined his parents at their jewelry boutique in Belgium. With a graduation degree in official gemology diamond masters, he further explored his interest in fine jewelry by opening his own store. What began in 1999, as a humble gold jewelry store in Belgium, moved to the United States in 2003, and has now grown to a multi-national business featuring high-end luxury watches and opulent jewelry.

Over the years, Koren’s boutiques have expanded to distinguished locations, including Belgium, Dubai, Israel, and Hong Kong, with a clientele that includes the crème de la crème of Hollywood celebrities and the international football fraternity, amongst others.

A perfectionist’s vision

“Holding a timepiece of contemporary design and finish indeed is an impeccable feeling. Artisanal watches have the power to create this feeling with each product. That is why carefully curated clockworks that come with renowned watches are considered to be a piece of art.” Luxury watches, in a sense, resemble an heirloom passed down across generations. The value of which only improves with time. The more it ages, the more priceless it becomes and reflects the effort, and seasoned skill invested by its maker. 

Avi is often seen scanning the world for exquisite pieces of jewelry and timepieces for his high-end clients or otherwise supervising his team to skillfully create a timeless masterpiece. His eye for detail and experience has enabled him to handpick exceptional jewelry pieces and watches. At work, his team understands that sophisticated watches are an expensive investment and ensures that each client is made comfortable, while interacting with them, and detailing the product’s inherent value and worth.

It took years of selective taste to build his network and collection that highlights a range of premier tourbillons, extraordinary chronograph, flawless bracelets, and a lot more. Be it Audemars Piguet’s Rose Gold AP Royal Oak, Daydate 41mm Rose by Rolex, Patek Philippe’s Iced White Gold 5976 or accessories by Cartier, these rare and valuable pieces are continuing to woo women and men alike.

When throngs of celebrities aren’t flocking to him, Koren can be seen showcasing best-in-class luxury timepieces. He continues to push the limits of his skill and creativity, both online and off.