How Joseph Kuzi’s Life Took a Turn from Forces to the Diamond Industries

Diamonds Services Ltd, the company is not foreign to those who have the taste of what natural diamonds are. There is no doubt that natural diamonds come with a very huge price, but when it comes to investment, there is no better idea than investing in diamonds.

Obviously, with the advent of technology, many things changed for the better, but for the diamond industry, things have become challenging. Thanks to Joseph Kuzi, and his company, people today understand the difference between pure diamonds and those which have been grown in the labs.

Of course, there is a lot to know about what the company is and what it does, and if he hadn’t changed his career midway, the company would have never even existed!


Born on 30 November 1954, Joseph Kuzi is a native Israeli. He did his degree in Practical Engineering from Tel Aviv University. He joined the Israeli forces and stayed there for a period of thirteen years. After he left the forces, Joseph joined the Marketing division at El-Op, an Israeli Highteck firm. He stepped into the natural diamonds industry when he joined the Israel based diamond-trading and manufacturing company, UBEX, in 1994. Joseph was hired as the Managing Director of the company, and under his leadership, this company was able to increase the annual revenues from $5 million to $180 million in just four years.

After working at UBEX, Joseph decided to start his own setup, and in 2000, he launched KUZI Ltd. The company was established for developing new shapes of diamonds. He worked for his company until 2003, that is when the company was sold.

After the company was sold, Joseph started studying at Harvard Business School, after which he joined IGAT London as the Managing Director. He served there for two years as the managing director. Understanding the need to take things even further, Joseph started offering consultancy services to diamond-related companies in 2006. A couple of years later, Joseph became the licensee for European Gemological Laboratories in the Far East.

The same year, Joseph founded the EGL gem lab in Hong Kong, the first-ever facility in the region. Deciding that it was high time to address the lab-grown diamonds in the industry, he decided to focus on the development of advanced diamond testing services. In 2011, while Joseph was studying LGD, he realized the threat that the advancement of technology had brought with itself. The diamond industry is a complex department, and while not many people were able to understand the problem that came with lab-grown diamonds, Joseph was able to identify the exponential increase in the production of lab-grown diamonds. Then, he set his foot forth to spread awareness of the issue.

Even though he presented valid and strong points that supported what he had to say, at the early stages, the diamond dealers didn’t really pay attention. He started his own company Diamond Services Ltd in 2012 for dealing with Lab-grown diamond identification

He developed a team to focus on the research of LGDs to create testing services that could detect LGDs that were produced using remarkable techniques.  The first-ever technology that was developed was DiamaTest. The design of the new technology allowed the testing of diamonds at the temperature of liquid nitrogen. Better results were yielded with the new technology as compared to the traditional technique of using fluorescence or phosphorescence detection.

To reach even better accuracy, soon, a new testing technique was developed. The new technique developed was the Diamond Natural Device (DND). The reason why the company started offering DND services was that it was workable only in proper lab settings.