How Mike Touzard’s Medakit aims to revolutionize COVID-19 testing globally

One of the main issues that’s arisen during the COVID-19 pandemic is the access to rapid, inexpensive, accurate tests for the virus. If more people are tested, it will make it more difficult for the virus to spread and a second wave to emerge. Medakit, which is run by Israeli entrepreneur Mike Touzard,  is introducing a new game-changing rapid test for coronavirus that will revolutionize the industry. – This test delivers results in just 15 minutes with no instrumentation, using proven lateral flow technology.

Medakit antigens tests are like the standard RT-PCR Tests administered by a nose swab, but patients can get their results within 15 minutes. This makes the tests highly useful in environments like in airports, borders, testing booth, schools or even at the doctor’s office. In fact, the IATA and several airlines including Lufthansa and Swiss have said that they’ll test passengers before they board flights using antigens tests. The tests are also highly accurate in showing whether someone is currently infected by the virus, and it doesn’t require any expensive equipment to administer. Best of all, the tests only cost about £8 and professionals can order them directly from internet. Medakit is a test supplier for the State of France and the French Army. Their antibody tests have already been approved by Institut Pasteur in Paris, a world class laboratory. Countries around the world have ordered millions of tests with fantastic results. Medakit is currently trying to break into the market in Israel, and they could produce 800,000 antigens tests per day. This would allow everyone within the country to be tested within 11 days, with the potential to drastically reduce the amount of infections.

The Medakit Novel Coronavirus Antigen Test Kit is the second test that Medakit is launching to help fight the coronavirus pandemic.

Mike Touzard knows how important his endeavor is. “This is a game-changing tool to fight Covid-19. The massive scale of this test will allow millions of people to have access to rapid, affordable and reliable testing”” he said. “I personally know how important it is to work day and night to create the most reliable testing solution, I almost died because of unreliable rapid testing when I was living in Congo. Our antigens tests can play a huge part of ensuring that there isn’t a large second wave all throughout the world. Through our partnership with France, we hope to expand to Israel, the UK, and beyond.” Touzard is a serial entrepreneur. His first venture was selling laser pointers online at the age of 15. Since then, he’s created many businesses in various fields, including real estate, ecommerce, web development, hotels, business consulting, and digital marketing. “All of my experiences taught me how to properly run a business. We’ve partnered with the best medical engineers in Asia to create together the most reliable tests, using German-made membrane for a better sensitivity ” Mike Touzard said.

A fast, accurate, and non expensive test for COVID-19 is essential in stopping the spread and getting everyone back to their normal lives. Mike Touzard and his team at Medakit have created such a game-changing test, and are working hard to get it to customers around the world as soon as possible.