How Millionaire Ambro Di Pilato Is Helping Businesses Increase Sales During The Current Recession

Ambro Di Pilato

Ambro Di Pilato

If there’s one thing similar between small and large businesses, it’s the fact that almost all of them have taken a hit due to COVID-19 pandemic (except for those producing necessities and medical supplies, of course). However, Ambro Di Pilato believes it doesn’t have to be that way. According to Ambro, businesses can not only survive but actually thrive during this period – and he’s showing us how.

Hailing from Montreal, Canada, Ambro Di Pilato is a successful entrepreneur. Ambro started off early by working in simple jobs but soon found out that’s not where his interest lies. Thus, he decided to explore his talent and start his professional career by stepping into the world of art, which was a bold step, to say the least. Everyone knows that in the world of art, it can be extremely difficult to convince the audience why a piece of art is worth its price – let alone convincing them to actually buy it. Yet, Ambro was able to successfully pull off his first art event with more than 100 attendees, which is a big achievement.

After getting some experience in the art industry, Ambro found his first venture, Ambro Galleries, the largest franchise of pop-up galleries in Canada. It was from these art exhibitions that Ambro mastered “the art of selling”. He then used these skills to start his latest venture, The Stratton Sales Agency, a sales agency that helps entrepreneurs and influencers earn six-figure monthly revenue by enabling them to outsource their sales. The agency earned a total of $5.6 million within the first 10 months of its inception, which is proof of its efficiency.

Stratton Agency follows the principle of high-ticket closing. According to Ambro, high-ticket closing is the most profitable and easy-to-start side hustle which can be easily turned into a full-time profession. However, not everyone can pull it off. Those who are into the business world know how hard selling can be, and high-ticket sales are much more difficult than that. That is where Stratton Sales Agency comes into play. At Stratton, Ambro and his team help businesses and entrepreneurs by effectively closing high-ticket deals on their behalf. The agency’s clientele includes some of the world’s top brands, including many top-tier, celebrity-endorsed ones as well. Here’s how it works:

What makes the agency stand apart from others is that even during this pandemic, Stratton is fully operational, and is helping its clients thrive instead of struggling for survival. According to Ambro, that’s the benefit of having a business model that doesn’t rely on a brick and mortar selling approach; you can make sales even when the shopping centers and other outlets are completely empty. Ambro and his team are working day and night, trying to find new leads and opportunities for their clients to benefit from.

Ambro believes that every business has the potential to thrive – even during difficult times – as long as it’s selling products that can be sold online and most importantly, entrepreneurs know how to sell them. Indeed, the internet is the best marketplace, but at the same time, it can also be very difficult to target the right audience and f. During this pandemic, Ambro is helping his clients with just that, so that instead of worrying about how to sell and survive in these difficult times, they can focus more on what to sell.

Ambro believes that businesses should be flexible. “If you want to stay relevant, you need to constantly evolve your business model to keep up with the changing trends. Otherwise, it can be really difficult to even survive in this highly competitive market,” he says. His unique yet effective selling strategies are what helps his clients with that; it’s the reason why clients’ businesses have remained stable during the COVID-19 pandemic.