How Shutdown Events Is Stealing The Focus Of U18 Fun-seekers Across The United Kingdom

Music is the paramount ingredient of fun. Over the years, the bedrock of entertainer’s fanbase has been in the playlist of teenagers. They vibe uniquely with the distinct sound pattern and they influence consumer’s choices in music entertainment. One venture that accommodates the celebration of music and culture is the nightlife enterprise. 

Unfortunately, most nightlife businesses do not cater for the U18s because they are trying to promote a more exclusive atmosphere where clients have more disposable income. Venues who do this make profits by overpricing alcohol. 

However, Chris Sarchet Bell’s Shutdown has come to cater for U18s who are enticed by the party lifestyle of the 21st century and yearn to have a taste of the social experience.  

Peering into the mind behind Shutdown 

Chris Sarchet Bell grew up in Burnley, where his company was established. Growing up under tough conditions, Chris had to struggle to overcome stereotypes in the nightlife venture and establish a name for himself. 

Amidst these hiccups in growth, Chris’s mindset is still as preserved as his dedication and focus. He reiterates his success story through his words “I never give up, it took me 4 years before I made a penny, no matter what hurdles have been thrown at me over the last 6 years I always get back up and keep going. My determination is exactly why I am where I am today”

Shutdown Events has captured the heart of teenagers through its mesmerizing events lineups and colourful activities that the nightlife brand accommodates. It has also not been easy to garner the trust and confidence of parents who let their children attend such raves and make do with the promise to the police authorities regarding the safety of these events. 

Originally suited for adults because of theme lined events of maturity in events activities, Chris recounts how his problems at the onset of his establishment were ‘Getting venues and councils to say yes and trust us to run an event safely without issues in and outside the venue’ 

On the steps of Stardom 

The nightlife mogul commends gracefully on his success story over the years. ‘Within the first two years, Shutdown became the UK’s largest leading U18s brand. They now tour the country every couple of months from as high up as Scotland to as far down as Newquay hosting some of the most talked-about events in the UK. These events include bringing some of the biggest names in the music industry, PA’s from some of the most popular reality tv shows, paint & foam parties, Co2 & confetti parties plus much more. Shutdown has now hosted events across ten cities/towns nationwide.  

Amidst the peril of nightlife business owing to the pandemic, Shutdown hopes to tour across fifteen cities nationwide by the end of 2021.