How The Founders Of Social Giveaways Are Betting On Digital Real Estate

When it comes to Influencer Marketing companies, Social Giveaways Giveaways is one of the worlds leading giveaway companies. They have worked  with some of the worlds biggest social media celebrities including Tyga, lil Pump, SommerRay, etc.

An easy explanation of what Social Giveaways does is they employ a celebrity giveaway to gain them a real organic following. The followers are strategically aligned by consumer adjacency; for example, think famous and swimwear, cannabis products and Snoop Dogg, medical aestheticians and famous plastic surgeons, etc. This yields better metrics, increases the potential for the follower to transition into a customer and assists in retaining the followers gained. The company specializes in giving you credibility on the internet.

The future is digital, the future is now. Digital real estate is already a lucrative business with influencers and companies generating millions of revenue on the daily. It is providing both companies and individuals the chance to build a platform, get heard, and above all, make money online. The Founders, London Summers, Ryan Pownall and Justin Strong, are delivering all of the above to their clients.

The demand outpaced the supply early on, which they have prepared for by lining up 8 major campaigns over the next 3 months. Which include celebrities ranging from Lil Pump to Francesca Farago, the star of the new Netflix reality show Too Hot to Handle”. Other major A list celebrities will be announced over the next few weeks. After selling out their first campaign they quickly realized the demand for online attention is only going to increase and they needed to supply that demand.

In closing the team said: “ There should be a sense of urgency for everyone who is selling something, anything really, including themselves, to adapt to the times and become less dependent on outdated marketing strategies”. Said, Justin Strong

Check out their Instagram for yourself, you can follow them on Instagram @Iamjustinstrong, @itsryanpownall, @londonsummers or check out @Socialgiveawaysofficial.