How to Turn Your Business Idea Into a Paycheck

Do you have imaginative ideas but struggle to follow through with them? Take a few notes from the Digital Millionaire.

He was an “Ideas Man” in search of a paycheck before he put the pieces of the puzzle together…

Just a few years ago, Dan Henry was, by most standards, just an ordinary guy. He drifted between various jobs and business ventures before eventually landing on what would turn out to be his multi-million dollar idea. Surprisingly, it was an idea that he had known about for a while. However, he failed to recognize its full potential for many years.

To pay his way through college, Dan Henry — now known as the “Digital Millionaire” — helped people set up their home recording studios. At the time, he wasn’t making millions; he hadn’t even cracked six figures yet. Nonetheless, Henry continued tinkering with this idea until one day, everything fell into place.

The Highs and Lows of Entrepreneurship

Henry marketed his services on Craigslist, which allowed him to make a few hundred dollars every time he landed a new gig. Like most freelancers, he was happy to be getting a paycheck, but Dan Henry wanted more. So, he endeavored to become an entrepreneur. This led Henry through various business ventures — from owning a bar to running a clothing retail shop.

For better or worse, none of these proved to be the right fit for Dan Henry. Just when he felt as if he had hit rock bottom, he latched onto a relatively new trend at the time: digital marketing. Sure, he had marketed himself as a freelancer and learned a few lessons through his previous businesses, but Dan knew he had a lot more to learn if he wanted to make his first million.

So, he did what any success-hungry person would do; he hit the books. Dan Henry searched far and wide for information, even reaching out to some of the few experts in the field, learning everything he could about digital marketing, web design, and SEO. Once he felt comfortable as an authority in this new niche, he launched a Facebook ads course for small businesses. The fledgling course quickly took off, making him millions in the process. Since then, Dan Henry has gone on to write a book to help budding entrepreneurs grow their businesses and discover the secrets that digital millionaires like himself have used to be successful.

From Selling His Time to Selling His Knowledge

So, how did Dan Henry take his newfound knowledge of digital marketing and turn it into a business that, as of this writing, brings in upwards of $10 million in revenue? First, he had to do a thorough analysis of his past successes and failures. In doing so, the Digital Millionaire figured out the golden formula by returning to his initial success working freelance.

As a freelancer, one can sell their time as Dan Henry did, but there are only 24 hours in a day. Moreover, he needed time to rest and manage other important activities. Thus, being a freelancer put a limit on the amount Dan Henry could feasibly make.

That’s when he realized that it was much easier — and more profitable — to sell his knowledge. More specifically, he opened a digital marketing agency to help businesses navigate the world of Facebook advertising. This, in turn, allowed him to monetize his knowledge, which is far more scalable than time.

It took Dan Henry less than half a year to make his first million dollars in digital marketing. If he had continued down his path as a freelancer, it would have taken him roughly 20 years (or longer) to do the same. Thus, Dan Henry had finally made time work for him, rather than against him.

How to Follow in the Digital Millionaire’s Footsteps

This is one of many lessons that Dan Henry expounds on in his recently published book, Digital Millionaire Secrets: How I Built an 8-Figure Business Selling My Knowledge Online. Many people with vision struggle to get their ideas off the ground in the beginning. Even once they have a promising idea, they need to figure out how to make it manageable, scalable, and highly profitable. How to build a course around your idea? How to build, scale, and monetize your experience?  This is the vital information that Digital Millionaire Secrets provides.

With this book, which has already proven to be wildly successful among critics and readers alike, Dan Henry hopes to help people who are struggling to turn their ideas into a reality with real-world advice and a series of actionable steps. So far, Digital Millionaire Secrets has already reached the top 3 on The Wall Street Journal’s Best Seller List and shows no signs of slowing down.