How to use Tik Tok to promote Music and Take Advantage of this new Platform?

Social, Social, and Social again, if you thought you had solved the problems by learning to use the old Facebook and the most recent Instagram to try to promote your Music, you were wrong.

As soon as you become familiar with one thing, the web is immediately ready to throw you into another dimension and to stay in touch with the new generations. It does not recognize each other in the old apps; we are forced to open our minds to the news.

So let’s immediately understand how to use Tik Tok to promote Music.

We don’t snob saying Tik Tok is for kids, and many said that Instagram was just for posting photos, and now it has become essential to be there. So open mind and full speed ahead.

And here we are talking about Tik Tok, and we do it now before it becomes too popular worldwide, before it is clogged as Instagram and all your competitors arrive before you.

It is launched a few years ago in China (2016) merging with the App from which it copied and inherited almost everything. In fact, the major brands and public figures are fast approaching this innovative social network, which has the majority of members under 18 and 65% of female presence. We who live on Music cannot help but stay up to date and try to bring the public as close as possible to our creations and to expand our fan base.

How to use Tik Tok to promote Music?

You can do it in 1000 different ways; Tik Tok was created for Music and to make users interact with Music. First, we explain that Tik Tok is nothing more than a sort of evolution of Instagram by putting the Stories of 15 “or 30” in the Feed and not making them disappear after 24 hours. In practice, your Stories remain forever in the Feed.

In these mini-stories you can do whatever you want, you can follow the challenges launched by Tik Tok every week, or you can take a more professional approach and start narrating your life as an artist by making mini videos with your Music. Many use videos from Instagram stories and adapt them to Tik Tok, practically with a content they work on two different platforms.

As always, creativity wins over everything. When for the first time, you find yourself watching Tik Tok and the uploaded videos, you will ask yourself: what the hell am I looking at. Then slowly, this new form of entertainment begins to interest you, and at that point, your brain as an artist must begin to understand how to best use it.

In the beginning, Tik Tok immediately shows a series of random videos and causes a sort of artificial intelligence to record your preferences. Then start sending daily notifications immediately.

The groups of followers that are created on Tik Tok, in fact, are not stable, but the followers change constantly and evolve completely, changing the concept of following.

With the Tik Tok App, you can:

  • Easily create short music videos.
  • Share your music.
  • Easily add music and special effects to your mini videos.
  • Find inspiration for your video clips from other users’ videos.
  • Use editing tools for your videos.
  • Live streaming also using filters.

If your music is aimed at a young audience, you cannot help but be short on Tik Tok, at this point the choice is yours, get there now and try to understand its secrets or queue up and arrive later. Our advice is to create mini-videos to present your song, where you can play some parts or be seen in the studio during the creation phase.

Create stories where you can see the evolution of your work. And most importantly, buying Tik Tok shares with custom comments if you are new on this platform.  You can no longer ignore the existence of Tik Tok, so; start making your mini videos.