How Two Friends Created ‘Genfluencer’ to Showcase the Positive Side of the Digital World

Adam Meskouri and Marko Danial, two young emerging entrepreneurs, have introduced Genfluencer, a news organization dedicated to showcasing digital trends. This creation aims to help people become aware of the positive happenings in the digital world, as negative assumptions have stigmatized social media. Through Genfluencer, both Marko Danial and Adam Meskouri showcase the excellent work of young social media influencers in the world of the internet.

Genfluencer provides the inspirational stories of content creators, and it also highlights unique ways in which the internet is being used in the modern world to create change. The news organization reports on content related to technological advancements and showcases the young social media influencers who utilize the internet for building their brands.

Both the friends, Adam Meskouri and Marko Danial, are using social media platforms for good, and hope to prove that social platforms aren’t inherently negative. Meskouri and Danial enjoy popularity in the social media world for their niche pages and love helping other people increase their online presence.

Adam Meskouri, a high school senior, runs many niche pages in sports and technology, amassing millions of followers. He utilizes Genfluencer as a creative outlet for his passion-public speaking.

Marko Danial, popular as Pharaoic, studies engineering in college and follows his passion for social media and sports. He has created a company, Spzrts, to provide new products for athletes to help them capitalize on their talent.

With the use of Genfluencer, Meskouri and Danial are helping emerging influencers establish their brands. Genfluencer is a mission introduced by the two young influencers to cover trending content under Digital Culture, Sports, Business, World, and Innovation topics. They hope to scale the organization on a large scale.