Identify The Immigration Programs Before Preparing For Your Canada PR Application

In all the types of Canada PR applications one needs to identify the program one is eligible for. Understand the eligibility. Documents and verification needed before you apply for the Canada PR application under Express Entry programs, Provincial Nominee Programs, and Family Class programs.

Canada mainly offers the immigration programs within major three categories viz. economic, family class, refugee & humanitarian. They can be points-based or not depending on what the program is operating on. Some programs operate on a first-come and first-served basis, some on sponsorship etc. While some would not operate on any of these and remain open on an ongoing basis.

You need to research the program that is accurate for you and then look for options. One might have more than one option, then they should choose the best pathway and pursue the specific program. Don’t dive in without understanding your options. Research is important to make sure the result is fruitful.

The step can be daunting but is necessary. If you want help further then there are consultants like Emigrate Canada who can be trusted as they are experienced Regulated Canada Immigration Consultants (RCICs). They can answer the questions, explain you the process in detail and can also provide representation on your behalf to the Canadian immigration authorities.

Whether you are opting for the consultation or not, gather and prepare all your documents in advance. Certain documents will be asked by the IRCC in due course. If you are well prepared for it then it will be a smoother process as not all documents are readily available, some may take many months to obtain. Later on it can delay the application process unnecessarily.