Influencer Jazzy Tuteja With a Versatile Personality Who is Keen to Feature in an Action Film

Successful people are not made by playing safe in their comfort zone but by risking their career in trying something unique. Jazzy Tuteja, a serial entrepreneur made his career as a top-notch name from scratch and is now at the top of his game. The Atlanta-based entrepreneur and influencer is the owner of some of the established ventures including J&J Media and J&J Exotic Car Rentals. The lifestyle influencer who has been passionate about cars holds tremendous knowledge about media and started these ventures which are bound to expand in the future. The life of this influencer has been a rollercoaster journey who has been traveling all over the world.

However, amidst the COVID-19 crisis, Jazzy is currently focusing on his own business ventures which have been progressing even during the epidemic. He says, “The pandemic has surely slowed down the economy and my business of car rentals has been affected as people don’t step out like earlier. During this time, I am focusing to build my brand and with the plan to have partnership with some reputed influencers to make the brand reach the wider audience.”

According to him, traditional marketing methods have been replaced by the digital means as everyone spends most of their time online. Apart from this, Jazzy is leaving no stone unturned to build his strong relationship with the audience on social media. Born and brought up in Atlanta, he is a graduate from Auburn University and his vision is to adapt to the constant changes happening in the digital world.

Jazzy has however not limited himself in being an influencer. Besides being a figure and an entrepreneur, the talented man has an aim to star in a movie. When asked about his plans of becoming an actor, he said that he has always loved to be on screen. Jazzy funnily even revealed that he would love to do an action film with having a lot of car chase sequences. Well, there is nothing this man is not capable of. Be it a businessman or influencer, Jazzy Tuteja has always kept his options wide and wildly.