Interviewing Brandon Nguyen (Yengub) Fastest Growing eCommerce Entrepreneur

“I had a massive gap of 7-9 months where I didn’t get any results but still worked 12-14 hours a day, studying and applying everything I was learning. Sure it was very demanding both mentally and physically but I managed to pull through and achieved what most people can only dream of.”

Most people call him Yen/Yengub but allow us to introduce you to the real Brandon Nguyen. A 22-year-old, university drop-out turned multimillionaire.

We interviewed the entrepreneur, mentor and direct response marketer to learn all about his entrepreneurship journey which began at age 19, and what life is like after having sold over $15M+ online in the past year across his thriving eCommerce stores.

When did you start in this business?

“I started eCommerce towards the start of 2019 but didn’t see any tangible success until the end of that year. It was the small win at the start of the year which gave me proof of concept that this business model worked.  But after that small win, I had a massive gap of 7-9 months where I didn’t get any results. I didn’t doubt my potential. I chose to trust the process and I still worked 12-14 hours a day, studying and applying. Sure it was very demanding on my mental and physical health but I managed to pull through and achieved what most people can only dream of.”

What keeps you motivated every day?

“I don’t spend much time thinking about others, so I have my own standards and that keeps me going because no one else is going to take on the pain and sacrifice for me. If I want to achieve great things in life and build a great company, I need to be at the forefront of it. Actually, I know some people are relying on me. I don’t want to look back in my life when I’m on my deathbed and say “I could’ve done more”, I could’ve achieved more, that’s just a nightmare to me.”

What is your daily routine? And what are your core habits?

“I wake up at 6 am every morning and the first thing I do is meditate. I shower, then while cooking and eating I listen to audiobooks, an interview, or a quick motivational video to get me pumped and get the creativity flowing through me for the day. From there I have 3-4 hours of deep work to build systems and work on the business rather than in the business. The morning is where my deepest creative ideas come out. I like to plan out my goals constantly, create projections and analyze how close or far I am from my goals.”

What are the main factors that led you to where you are right now?

“Having a good mentor in the early stages of my life and being part of a community outside of school. I used to be involved in sports (boxing) and I think that taught me a lot of perseverance, not being a pussy, and self-control- it showed me that with time and focus that you can get better at anything. Mentors were huge because they kept me on track”.

“Also feeling tons of humility, embarrassment, and struggle early on in life… From bullies and girlfriends dumping me to just straight up risk-taking and failing… You live and you learn.”

“Also, I know my parents came from a tough place (Vietnam during the war) so I don’t like to ask them for things and disappoint them. Not because of their pressure on me but because I understand how hard they are working and know they started from scratch as well.”

Finally, I’m a very stubborn individual but open-minded at the same time which kept me going through all the bullshit in entrepreneurship. You have to be unshakeable”.

What was your biggest takeaway from reading through our interview with Brandon? Is there a point he raised that you’re ready to implement right now and will stick with you? We’d love to know your thoughts

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