Introducing Tribe Builder Media’s Danielle Sabrina

Danielle Sabrina is taking the PR industry by storm. Being named as the Female Entrepreneur of the year and CIO’s Top 20 Female Entrepreneur to follow is a testament to how quickly her PR firm, Tribe Builder Media, is gaining ground. Ranked as the 5th Best Company in America by the Entrepreneur Magazine, Danielle’s firm connects the world of business development, marketing, and public relations.

Focusing on winning positive coverage for her clients in the most prestigious outlets, Danielle has a talent for presenting her clients’ stories in ways that generate public interest. She knows how to tell a brand story that millions out there want to listen to. As a contributor to publications such as The Entrepreneur, The Huffington Post, USA Today, MSN among others, Danielle is well-entrenched in the industry and uses her connections to win incredible press publication opportunities for her clients.

She doesn’t just run marketing campaigns, as a brand manager, she creates marketing strategies aimed at achieving the goals that her clients set. By harnessing the power of digital media, the marketing campaigns she creates leave a lasting impact. She knows how best to leverage the power of the online medium and present her clients in ways that generate an organic following. Her firm doesn’t use the number of impressions as a legitimate metric of success. They believe in creating excitement by telling a brand story that inspires readers and creates a buzz that lasts.

One of the many things that put sets Danielle Sabrina apart is her understanding of the corporate world and the goals they set. As someone who has a successful corporate career on her portfolio, Danielle knows how the corporate world thinks, what their objectives are in terms of marketing and how they assess success. Using her corporate experience and marketing and branding expertise, she creates media strategies that achieve her corporate clients’ objectives.