Is it Possible to Beat a Slot Machine?

Slot games, a very popular offering at most online casinos, have seen a lot of players investing their time and effort to have fun, and possibly make some profit. Just like any other casino game, slot machines are considered to have a house advantage, with the casino deemed to make a profit in the long term. The question that may be asked then is: Is it even possible to beat a slot machine under these conditions?

The answer is a big YES. Only if the right approach is taken. We seek to discuss how the right approach may be taken by the gambler to possibly beat the slot machines and make profit.

How to Beat a Slot Machine

Beating a slot machine can be very rewarding especially in the case of jackpots where the returns can be very high for a very minimal investment. The best methods of doing so are carefully selecting the casino which provides “beatable” slot games and selecting appropriate timing to place such bets.

How then should one select the slot machine to beat? Well there several factors to consider, and these are explained in detail in some articles, but here we just seek to provide a summary.

1. Select a casino with the highest Return to Player –The Return to Player (RTP) percentage indicates the theoretical chances of the player to win in a slot game. In general, the higher the RTP, the better the chances of winning. The punter should aim to select this type of casino preferably starting at 96%, but if possible, around 98 % as these give the highest win potential

2. Check for Slots volatility – The volatility of an online slot game is equally important to check. High volatility games have high payouts, whilst lower volatility games have lower payouts and less risk of losing money.

3. Utilise bonuses – The player should maximise on profit potential by utilising the bonuses available.

Gamblers can also include other factors such as stake amounts and researching other user’s reviews

When to Beat Slot Machines

The next important item is the selection of the best time of when to beat the slot games. One can beat slot machines when:

  1. Jackpot is close to hitting –Placing bets when the jackpot is about to hit enhances the chances of winning.
  2. Several bonuses are available– There are increased bonuses on offer by casinos when the time approaches high seasons such as Christmas and New Year. The player should aim to maximise on such bonuses.

The player can also incorporate a bit of probability, which can be calculated using criteria such as the number of symbols, payouts, and others to place bets on the games with a higher probability of winning.

In summary, it is indeed possible to beat a slots machine, only if the player uses these defined criteria which enhance the overall chances of making profit!