Jamila Davis’s Training Woman How to Turn Pain into Power

One person who has been the inspiration for our today’s research on this topic is Jamila Takiyah Davis. She is famous for her activism to get justice for all the people who find themselves helpless in situations where nobody wants to acknowledge their power and give them the rights of being normal human beings.

Below are the lessons that Davis gives to all the people across the globe who belong to the side of the justice system where justice is only given to those in powerful positions. To resolve this issue, she empowers women and black people worldwide through her work so no one gets to bear the punishment they do not deserve.

The CEO of Black Lives Matter: Jamila Davis, was a product of the trauma to prison pipeline, explicitly dealing with women of color. She turned her life around with the help of her academic attributes and became a solution to the problem. Today she creates programs to help at-risk students avoid prison. Using the formula she made through research, Devis is a professor at Seton Hall University and a researcher at Yale University. Davis wants women to know that no matter where they come from or how far they fall, it’s never too late to turn their life around and come out on top! She is determined to help build the esteem of women, help them find their gifts and talents, and avoid the path she once took.

Our stories of struggle and triumph filter which we connect with, and at the heart of all friendship is a resonation of understanding where another has come from concerning our own stories. It’s powerful to see how very similar we are at the threads of our being. But what sets us apart? Why are some people who alchemize pain into power and productivity and others who allow it to consume them into a tornado of more pain?  

All of us can turn pain into power. One of the most critical tools is allowing your voice to be heard. Whatever makes you uncomfortable is your most significant opportunity for growth. When we grow, we are empowered. Practicing resilience opens the doors to new life experiences and sets an excellent example for our child/ren. Remember that life is not linear and comes without manuals.

You are the ultimate creator of your environment. The power lies within you to design a positive space with supportive, motivating, spiritually grounded souls. You attract what you want. Self-care is essential, especially as a parent. One of our roles is to instill good habits from a young age. Reflect on the origin of pain to grow as an individual. It may be difficult, but it’s needed to convert pain into power. 

Join support groups and share your story. Listen, because you may learn something. Nothing is permanent in life. Be willing to let go of people, emotions, and material items. Not everyone is meant to stay in your life. Release your emotions. Keeping them bottled up will eventually lead to illness. It’s okay to cry. Have faith that everything is as it is meant to be. Surrender to whatever higher being you believe in. Let your faith or hope be more significant than your fears. This is how we turn pain into power.