Jennifer Carrasco: Taking Entrepreneurship to the Next Level and Using Her Knowledge to Help Business-Owning Hopefuls

“Six years ago, I found myself in a deep depression, divorced for the second time, and way in over my head in debt. Now, I make millions. Why? Because I took daily action. I look at my past mistakes.” This statement from Jennifer Carrasco, the CEO of Virago Skin and Body Studio, is just the first step into fully admiring the determination and self-starting demeanor possessed by one of the hardest working entrepreneurs in America. All while following her own passions, Carrasco is serving as an inspiration for women of all ages who have a budding entrepreneurial spirit.

“Entrepreneurship is a journey on must commit to for a lifetime, for the long haul,” Carrasco states. When she found herself at her lowest point, the California entrepreneur knew where she wanted to end up but was not sure how she was going to get there. Committing herself to her passion, Carrasco created line of skincare products and a studio that she was immensely devoted to. For her, it was not work. Instead, Jennifer Carrasco found herself enjoying the ability to give others the best skincare possible and, in general, help each and every client. The feeling she had of improving someone’s life, in even the smallest way, propelled her career and her personal life. As both a mother and a business owner, Carrasco devotes her time into giving her child and her client the same results: happiness and knowledge.

Along with the success she has found in the beauty world, the Virago CEO has also expanded her repertoire of work into the fields of contracting and business coaching, along with the help of Apex Entrepreneur’s Ryan Stewman. On top of it all, Carrasco also has her own podcast, WTF is Beauty Anyway, which has given her life a deeper sense of meaning. “My biggest reward is seeing the people that I surround myself with succeed. That is happiness.” A proud workaholic, Jennifer Carrasco has the same mindset no matter where she is in life. As a business owner, podcast host, or mother, Carrasco puts her mind towards achieving whatever it is she wishes and does not stop until she gets there. “I am uncertain where I will be in five years. I am destined and ready for uncertainty. I show up every day, give 100%, no matter what.”

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