Jeremy Piven and Navy SEALS Partner for Troops Overseas!

We all need some good news these days, and thanks to Golden Globe and EMMY-Award-winning actor Jeremy Piven, we are getting some just in time for the holidays and the end of 2020!

The Hollywood actor recently was in Virginia, where he teamed-up with decorated retired 13-year serving Navy SEAL Sean Matson and his Veteran-owned & run company MATBOCK / DECON to put together over 10,000 packets of individual hand sanitizer units to deliver to the troops overseas.

The partnership was based through Troops Direct, which is like no other non-profit in the country, as they are empowering and protecting our service members in an unprecedented manner.

“The founders of MATBOCK have been a stalwart supporter of Troops Direct for several years offering some of the highest quality items available to our military. The ‘Decon Hands’ individual hand sanitizing packets are a perfect example of how they are enabling Troops Direct to keep our Americans healthy no matter the environment,” says Aaron Negherbon, Founder Troops Direct, in a recent statement.

Talking to his fans in Virginia upon announcing this partnership with the companies and charity, Piven mentioned how it is extremely important that we continue to give back to our troops who are serving overseas in various countries that don’t have access to hand sanitizer and other types of COVID-19 safe products during these times.

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