JIINAN activewear line takes the world by storm

 The largest consumer group at this time is comprised of Millennials and Gen Zers. One of the characteristics of these buyers is social consciousness. They want to spend their money with a company that has a purpose and shares their values. One such company is JIINAN Activewear, and it is taking the world by storm.

JIINAN founder Jessica Sinclair got her start by selling eco-friendly yoga mats. As they were environmentally friendly, cruelty-free, and biodegradable, these products were a huge hit with Sinclair’s target audience. It also sparked the idea for a rebranding, and with that, JIINAN was created. This luxury activewear line has been a concept for some time, and it is getting recognized in the US and across the globe.

These products are unique because they are made from waste such as used fishnets and plastic bottles. In fact, one of these sleek ensembles removes 70 bottles from the ocean! Eco-consciousness is part of the entire manufacturing process as it generates minimal environmental pollution. Needless to say, Sinclair has exceeded her goal of producing high-end fabrics and products as JIINAN activewear looks every bit as great as it feels.

The other goal of this brand was to be kind to our planet, especially the oceans. Since the attire is made from recycled plastic bottles, JIINAN is reducing the alarming amount of marine waste thanks to its sustainable and innovative technologies. The company’s manufacturers also adhere to environmental protections while fully complying with safety, health, and hygiene standards in ethical work conditions. Even the packaging is eco-friendly as JIINAN products are shipped in recycled and recyclable boxes.

The vision behind this stellar brand is based on sustainability, quality, and empowerment. Not only do all areas of JIINAN surpass this vision, but these qualities are all sought-after by its target customers. People want to support brands that care and have a purpose, meaning JIINAN is poised for a lot of growth in very little time.