Jilliahsmen Trinity’s “While I Live” World Tour cements Jacky JILLIAH Jhaj’s legendary status

Jilliahsmen Trinity, the popular children’s book-film, music, toy franchise from criminal icon Jacky JILLIAH Jhaj, 25, continues to woo fans and critics alike by delivering another unprecedented milestone in its quest for world domination. Amid a first-of-its-kind World Tour, taking the Jilliahsmen Trinity Universe to the masses through live concerts held exclusively at world heritage sites deemed pillar stones of the Trinity’s objective, JILLIAH delivers hits from Jilliahsmen Trinity’s 1.0 soundtrack album, “While I Live”, laying claim to the institutions from which he voices the cosmic war between the Adversaries and the Architect, catapulting this monumental musical affair beyond a sci-fi fantasy.

Seen above, JILLIAH is risen from the ground, by his die-hard Jilliahsmen at the British Museum, a venue deemed important to the trinity for being not only the first museum in mankind’s history, but for housing the largest collection of “man’s dark love” to date. From the Egyptian Hieroglyphs to the Oxus Treasure and everything in between, collectively regarded as “trophies of the supreme school’s war of love vs the design, thrusting forth a supreme agenda to bring about the final test.”

The World Tour was fittingly launched at the World’s first ever library in the heart of the world’s first English speaking school, the Oxford University.

JILLIAH arrived through the doors of the Bodleian Radcliffe Library with Jilliahsmen Trinity’s 8 book boxset in one hand and the JT Bible 1.0 in the other to scream down this institution like nothing witnessed before, leaving Jilliahsmen in attendance with a once in a lifetime experience.

The tour boasts a number of other hits such as the notorious Broadmoor Hospital concert at the world’s first ever maximum security mental asylum, where JILLIAH shed bare the insanity of his trinity.

The world tour continues, listing highly exotic to classical venues alike, from the narcotics baron Pablo Escobar’s mansion in Colombia, all the way to where the original Romeo & Juliet was performed in Shakespeare globe in London. 

Do not attend if you come for the music alone as JILLIAH seldom lets slip an opportunity to call his Jilliahsmen to action when on the mic, leaving no doubt as to the sincerity of his movement. He is actually attempting to win the war in the cosmos and can not do it without you. He is actually propelling forth a new world religion. Heck he may as well be campaigning for a #NewWorldPresident, he’s got all the bells and whistles for it!

Your vote is your vote but mine… The underdog of all underdogs, “Dangerous” defamations with-standing, who amasses what Jacky JILLIAH Jhaj has from behind bars, has more than my vote; he has my undivided attention.

Following the Jilliahsmen Trinity is like following the north star. Everything is effortless and a guaranteed spectacle. Explosions are rife and if you’re at the right distance it is awfully bright and shiny. But get too close and you may realise it’s more than entertainment. It’s a revolution!