Journalist Jerry Doby Named America’s Pillar of Journalism

American lifestyle and entertainment journalist Jerry Doby, Editor-in-Chief of The Hype Magazine, has been recognized as “America’s Pillar Of Journalism by the celebrated  African news platform Writer Charles Myambo says, “It is an irrefutable fact that Jerry has been a pillar to both journalism and society for several years, even stemming from his days in military service.”

Further, according to Myambo, “One of Jerry’s most significant imprints on media and journalism is his unparalleled curation of The Hype Magazine as their Editor-in-Chief. Under his guidance, the outlet has grown as an official media outlet for the GRAMMY Awards, BET, BMI, ASCAP, and multiple other high-profile red carpets and events.”

In addition to his fantastic repertoire as a journalist, Doby has long been a respected mentor in the media industry. His journalistic teaching and mentorship have helped usher in a new generation of exceptional journalists. When it comes to Doby, his academic potency is not the only reason why colleagues and proteges look up to him. It is, in fact, his principles and fundamental approach to life that have made many gravitate towards him. Jerry’s humility, integrity, and ethics have made him approachable and trustworthy in the industry. That said, his unique media understanding and well-rounded credentials have also proven to be instrumental in how he nurtures writers and the ethos of their writing.

Doby’s dedication to the craft of journalism seems similar to his military service career. According to official records, he was awarded three Army Commendation Medals alongside many other military accolades, medals, and ribbons. Now dedicated to the global journalism community, he demonstrates his leadership and integrity as he brings new writers and contributors to the fold.

With over ten years at the helm of The Hype Magazine editorial department, Doby has proven trustworthy and takes pride in his editorial integrity. Founder/CEO/Publisher Dr. Jameelah “Just Jay” Wilkerson allows him unprecedented autonomy in running the editorial ship. The results are evident with over 1.4 million fans across all platforms; he makes a difference.