Journey to Filmmaking Excellence with Rebecca Berrih

Filmmaking has a history much richer than is commonly known. It began with simple theatrical performances and plays in front of a live audience. Over time this art of entertainment evolved with the needs of the audience, eventually leading to the invention of motion pictures or movies. In this present age, the technology used in the production of movies has advanced beyond what could ever be imagined. Things that were just thoughts and dreams could now be accurately portrayed and brought to life in the film industry. Amidst the rapid advancement, one thing stayed the same, the need for that expert guidance that brings the magic to the term cinematic-magic. One such individual is the increasingly popular writer, producer, and director, Rebecca Berrih.

Over the passage of time, the ways and techniques of creating films and videos have changed immensely. The technology being used today to create movies is vastly different and more advanced than what was used in the past. Nowadays, it is possible to create visual scenes and portray stories that were only fairytales in the past. Showmanship and graphics excellence is only one factor of the allure that brings the attention of an audience towards a film. What truly makes a cinematic masterpiece is the beauty and quality behind the story of the film and the way it is portrayed. 

The talent of a producer or director is easily understood by the quality of the film and how beautifully it is directed. The sheer talent of story directing and production is easy to spot in the many works of new-generation filmmaking genius Rebecca Berrih. She was born on 25th January 1980 and hailed from Paris, France. Maybe due to the fact that her birthplace is also where filmmaking fundamentally started and the first film was screened. But from an early age, Rebecca was fascinated by movies and all things related to the film industry. Grew up watching legends of the industry such as the Jurassic Park and James Bond franchise, she was completely engrossed in the idea of filmmaking by the age of 12. It was at that age that she first got a taste of what creating movie magic was like. For her 12th birthday, she received a video camera that essentially marked the start of her gradual journey to being a major player in Hollywood. Soon afterward, she started writing, directing, and producing movies that starred her brother and friends. The joy and feeling of fulfillment she felt made it clear without a doubt that is what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. For her, the career of producing and directing movies was the only viable option; therefore, there were no other alternative career paths she even considered.

To gain professional education to realize her dream, she graduated from ETTIC, which was a prestigious French film school. Soon after graduating, she gained recognition from prestigious industry names for her previous portfolio accomplishments. She started working on creating movie trailers for superpowers of the industry such as Twentieth Century Fox and Walt Disney Studio. It was then she realized the path to take to reach success more efficiently and relocated to Los Angeles in 2007.

In 2014 she founded her own production company by the name of Elysian Fields Entertainment. She then went on to create an award-winning romantic comedy, “2 Scoops of Love,” in 2011. This short film received several nominations and won many awards, including the Jury Award for Best Short at the Columbia George International Film Festival and the Best Romantic Comedy at the Mexico International Film Festival. One could experience the genius of Rebecca’s directing techniques through the beautiful depiction of love in the short film. One of her more notable productions was the widely appreciated movie “Beyond the Sky,” which she co-wrote and co-produced. In 2020, she was given the honor of becoming a part of the prestigious Producer guild of America.

The current industry is filled with many potential stars and artists that are just waiting for that one big chance to prove their metal. What sets Rebecca apart from the rest is that she does not wait for success but makes success come after her. Since the beginning, she had created masterpieces that forced everyone to give her the recognition she deserved. She never doubted her work or her talents. This is the only reason behind her massive and increasing popularity and the reason why she will continue to climb the stairs of success.