Karma Rivera Plans To Put Portland On The Hip-Hop Map For Good

Portland-based, Chicago-born rapper Karma Rivera has released a new single titled “Can’t Trust”. It is the follow-up from her last single titled FALLOUT, which got released in August month. The reason for releasing the single “Can’t Trust” is the recent personal events that she has experienced in her life. Moreover, the single also throws light on the current political climate prevailing here in Portland.

Karma Rivera had a dispute on Twitter/Instagram with another Portland artist who had double followers than she had. Although the whole episode benefitted the artist in improving her overall image in the digital world, it made her acquainted with the harsh reality of people and life.

She noticed an increase in her followers on Spotify and she has released that the Portland music community is giving more value to her releases. After getting influenced by this new single, Karma Rivera has shown that one should not trust anybody just because he presents himself as a nice person.

In addition to this, she has highlighted the injustice against the black community in the US. Through her musical works, Karma Rivera has tried to put Portland on the hip-hop map for good. The artist has got a bold personality and she has established herself successfully in the Portland hip-hop scene.

Portland rapper Karma Rivera’s new song is written and produced by Rivera and Gio Español. The song “Can’t Trust” highlights the trust issues one experiences while engaging oneself in romantic relationships. One can listen to the “Can’t Trust” song on Spotify and gain information about the artist on her website as well as Instagram account.

Link to the song: https://open.spotify.com/album/5t5rbaVAtXG91aoQTLtEuo

Website: www.karmarivera.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/karmarivera