Keeping Your House Clean in 2020

Keeping your home neat and tidy is a necessary practice for providing a safe and healthy environment. Everything from allergens and clutter accumulates in the home resulting in low air quality, tripping hazards, a dampened mood, and a greater risk for physical ailments ranging from an upper respiratory problem to the flu. While you understand the importance of maintaining your household, it has gotten unbearable during these chaotic times. 

This year, the country went under lockdown to slow the spread of a life-threatening illness known as the coronavirus. While many states loosened these restrictions over the summer, staying close to home is still strongly advised. Unfortunately, with everyone at home all the time, keeping things in order seems next to impossible. If you’ve found that your house has gotten out of control, these solutions should resolve your problem. 

Delegate Household Chores

Trying to keep your house clean by yourself is overwhelming. When you put too much on yourself, it weighs on you physically and emotionally. Feeling worn down eventually limits your ability to keep up with housheold tasks. As such, lighten your load by delegating chores to your family. 

Create a list of chores. Then, based on age and capability, assign duties to your loved ones. Once you’ve finished, write the assignments on a board where everyone can see them. Next to each chore, jot down when it should be completed. 

Stock Up on Cleaning Supplies

You can’t keep a tidy house without the appropriate supplies. Based on the chores, write down any household products you need to complete the task. Then, hop online to do some comparison shopping. You can find everything from antibacterial spray and microfiber cloths to bleach and bathroom cleaner in bulk to save money and create a stockpile. 

Schedule a Whole House Cleaning

It’s easier to keep your house clean if there’s not much to do. Waiting until things are out of hand creates a larger project which requires more of your time and energy. Give yourself a clean slate by setting a time to tidy up the entire house. 

Rally the troops together and get busy cleaning and purging every room in your home. If you have a lot of things to get rid of, renting a dumpster is ideal. Anything that’s in decent condition, but you don’t use anymore can be donated to charity or sold for extra cash. 

Once you’ve gotten rid of the clutter, wipe down all surfaces, clean your floors, wash the windows, and throw any linens or upholstery in the laundry. Then, organize your belongings in each room to your liking. 

Hire The Pros (If Necessary)

Some cleaning and maintenance jobs should be left to the pros. For example, if you need your ventilation system, chimney, or gutters cleaned, it may be ideal to hire an HVAC contractor or roofer. These tasks may seem simple, but one wrong move could result in an expensive repair, property damage, or injury. Optional home cleaning services like hiring professionals to steam your carpets or a professional cleaning service to help with your home purge can also lighten your load and help you get things in order. 

Clean As You Go

Another way to keep your house tidy is to use the clean as you go method. Before leaving a room, stop and clean up any mess. For instance, when you wake up in the morning, make your bed before going to the kitchen. Washing the dishes and wiping the stove and counter after each meal is another way to clean as you go. Implementing this practice reduces the mess and makes chores more manageable for the assigned party. 

Keeping the house clean used to be challenging because of busy schedules. Now, a full place around the clock makes it difficult to get things done. As a clean home is imperative to your health and wellness, using tips like those discussed above can make a huge difference.