Know the Difference between Med Pay and PIP Before you Take Any!

Med Pay and Personal Injury Protection are two different things. One cannot replace the other and vice versa. That’s why it’s important to know about them in detail before taking any.

Med Pay is a light coverage that helps you go by in times of an accident. And it means what its name suggests – it covers for medical, surgical, dental and chiropractic treatments, and covers the costs that are considered necessary and reasonable. It does not include more and is helpful during minor accidents.

But when it comes to severe accidents and insurance, it is better to stick with PIP – Personal Injury Protection. In this insurance, there is more coverage. And the additional coverage includes physical and occupational therapy and rehabilitation costs, psychiatric expenses, and other professional health services.

PIP is better for the occasion when the injury is severe. And you can reach out to the personal injury law firm in Brampton when met with a severe injury. It also covers the insurance for loss of work and gives you enough cover before you are ready to go back to work. In some cases, other than covering work-related losses, it also includes death benefits.

The truth is a person can’t choose both 9f the plans, and they have to select either one of the programs, med-pay or PIP. Med Pay is suitable for situations when you can’t afford much cover, and the chances of meeting an accident are likely low. But PIP is full coverage that offers premium security.

However, Med pay is not the same as health insurance. In this case, the cover goes hardly up to $25,000. That’s why it’s wise to ultimately go with the option with more significant cover – PIP.