Large rise in Peterborough school exclusions for assaulting adults

Large rise in Peterborough school exclusions for assaulting adults

Many Peterborough schools have excluded over hundred students for assaulting adults previous year, reveal figures.

The teaching unions say that the cuts made towards education funding by government has left many schools less capable to help kids having challenging behaviour prior to its escalation.

Data compiled by Education Department shows that the schools in Peterborough excluded students around 110 times because of assaulting adults during 2017-18, a considerable increase from 71 times the previous year.

Out of these, 107 exclusions were temporary while 3 were permanent.

Physical assault here could mean a pupil obstructing, wounding as well as jostling an adult or even behaving violently with them.

The recorded figures include the assaults by pupils at the state-funded special, primary, secondary schools in the region.

As per National Education Union’s joint secretary, Mary Bousted, teachers often refer pupil behaviour a major reason for walking away from teaching profession.

All the schools should formulate a policy in order to deal with the violent incidents, said Bousted. Moreover, the schools should also have a pupil behaviour policy in which the teachers genuinely feel the support by the school management, she added.

The increase student exclusions across schools in Peterborough portray the trend in England that recorded a 7 percent rise on its total exclusions.