Lars Dybkjær Shares Advice to Grow Patience and Tolerance

Lars Dybkjær

It is easy to get angry at someone or some system which does not work well for you. Things may not work like how you are used to. In the case of traveling, a different culture is much more prominent as compared to yours. And travelers do not get enough to adapt to the cultures easily. It is the reason because of which Lars Dybkjær experienced travelers getting angry with the locals. Some travelers even argue with the hotel staffs when things did not work out for them.

You may act from your emotions but it is a bad impression for the travelers. Lars always says one thing, “You are a visitor for a few days on an unknown land. It is not good to ruin your reputation to others. If there is any chance of getting some help from the locals, you will lose it just because of the poor behavior.” Not only Lars but also every expert travelers would agree with the same idea. You need to hold onto your emotions and accept the reality while traveling a different place. We are going to show some concepts of how a traveler can keep calm while enjoying a relaxing trip.

Be nice to the people who are serving you

While talking to Lars Dybkjær, he mentioned a trip to Paris of his. Arriving at the hotel, Lars noticed a traveler from North America was chatting with the receptionists. His complaint was the hotel could not provide him the suit he booked even after clearing all the payment. But the hotel management could not provide him his wishes properly due to some unknown reason. Without being patient about it, the traveler started shouting at the management. Lars waited in the waiting lounge for an hour. The whole time he experienced the man being rude to the management.

In those cases, you need to understand the possible conditions. If you act like a child and start shouting at others, there will be no benefit at all. Instead, your impression will be bad to the people you are talking to. That is why Lars advice people to provide a proper response to people without any aggression of frustration. The locals will also respect others from your land who will visit their compound.

Do not get angry at anyone for anything

It is very much common in the bars and hotels to see people shouting at others. In the case of a white and a black man shouting, it is mostly because of racial comments. When you will face something like that, you have to remain clean and polite from your side. Lars Dybkjær may not be a racist but he did experience a lot of others who have a bad perspective on the smaller race people.

If you get scammed with something, it is necessary to keep your head cool. The good people do not need to suffer from your frustrations on getting scammed. To avoid the scammers Lars Dybkjær spends a significant amount of time on proper research. He learns the culture of the place which he is visiting. At the same time, he also focuses on the research of the economy. There are several articles which can give ideas of the places which you are visiting. All you need is to think like Lars and make some preparations before the trips.

The realities can be different to expectations

If you plan to visit Bali and expect something which is not available there, it is foolish of you. Just because Bali is an exotica traveling destination, it does not mean everything is available there. You should spend time researching about the destinations. Lars Dybkjær suggests travelers take a few people who will be joining you on the trip and decide on the best destination. Based on the interest, planned experiences as well as budget, you can easily find the most suited vacation for you and your companion. Think like an experienced traveler like Lars and you can get the best experience without losing any temper.