LeftRight Music Group, A Music & Entertainment Company, Does Not Discriminate

Technology has caused many musicians to set up home studios, which helps them record and release songs independently. The rise of social media assists independent artists market their craft easily across a diverse market. While independently releasing tracks and EPs provides an artist with complete rights over the profits and control over the releases, it has its downsides. Many musicians do not agree, but the perks of releasing through a record label boast many more benefits that overrun the positives of independent releases.

The people running record labels are experienced in what they do and have a grasp of the industry as well. The record producers know exactly what kind of music is tending, and they can save artists from releasing the right tracks at the wrong time. Talking about exposure, social media is helpful, but it will not provide the kind of exposure that makes a track a hit. To get maximum exposure, a record label is a perfect partner when it comes to PR. Moreover, choosing the right distribution platforms is crucial, and it is definitely not ‘affordable.’ Therefore, an artist needs to choose the distributor carefully and a record label can help with that too.

Most importantly, record labels increase the chances of success in the industry, especially for those people who belong to the third-world countries. Despite being immensely talented, these individuals are often left behind in the race and do not get the exposure they deserve. Getting signed by a well-known record label makes the journey simple for such people.

A Record Label Established for the Artists and Not for Profits

Founded on July 29, 2019, by Hans Tondereau, a record producer, LeftRight Music Group is a new record label that is working to represent artists from all across the world. It is a music and entertainment company with its headquarters in Manhattan, New York, US, that respects music, regardless of its origin. Quality music has the potential to make a prominent standing in the market, and it does not matter who produced it. Music is one of those forms of art that does not discriminate talent based on nationalities, ethnicities, cultures, traditions, or religion.

LeftRight Music Group (LRMG) is one of those record labels which have been established to provide the struggling artists a stable career in the music industry. There is no denying there; succeeding in this industry without a strong backing is not easy. The company’s mission states, “to create a remote stand dome to help independent, especially third world country artists break through the competitive surface of the music market with a 50%50 record deal worldwide.

The purpose with which the company has been established is to support and promote the creative and financial vitality of artists to help them reach their potential. In addition to this, the platform helps aspiring artists connect with their targeted audiences on the global level.

A Strong Network to Help Artists Succeed While Blessing the Fans with Fantastic Music

Hans Tondereau, the founder, CEO & controlling shareholders of LRMG, knows it is important to partner with notable entities to provide artists with the right kind of exposure. For this purpose, LRMG acquired LRMG X, including its Hiilands Music and Rapso Records subsidiary.

To support its primary goal, which states, “to ensure their artists are covered. LeftRight Music Group works with some of the music industry’s most insightful, passionate, and creative people in the music business. The company takes their job seriously to create a nurturing environment for artists, songwriters, and fellow employees at every stage of their careers,” LRMG works with brands, including LRMGx, THE BOXKC, and Berlin Motion, with Jade Skye Music, Hat Label Publishing, and FIVONI as its official partners.

A Sneak Peek into the Present

The first artist that LRMG signed under its name was a Spanish-Haitian, Pop, R&B, Hip-Hop/Rap, and Reggae Dancehall musician, Merlin Zapravo. The artist was signed with a 50/50 recording contract, that includes the income from recordings, live performance, publishing and expense, and rights for recording, distribution, and touring.

The catalog of the company at present comprises of one EP, “Certified Baller,” that was released in 2018. Along with this it has seven single releases in its catalog, out of which two tracks, “I’ll Be There” and “Dance With Me,” were released in the same year as the EP Three tracks, including “Be Yourself,” “Din Din,” and “Malandren,” that were released in 2019, and two releases in 2020 “The Deal’ and “Money.” As of today, LRMG is on its way to expand and is planning to sign more artists in the near future. The music and entertainment company is one of those platforms that believes that music is a form of art that is free from discrimination. It is helping artists, without focusing on their backgrounds, instilling hope among the hearts of aspiring artists in third world countries!