Lexyom’s Automated Features: Revolutionizing Legal One Step at a Time

The past decade has ushered in some of the most significant technological changes across all sectors. From education to manufacturing, innovation has been at the forefront of the conversation. The legal sector is no exception. Whether or not lawyers are getting on board, digital legal is entering the scene, and in the MENA region, there is one digital legal firm that is leading the change. When it comes to rapidly evolving methods and techniques, Lexyom is changing the game by incorporating artificial intelligence and high-tech smart features to create an online legal portal that is highly secure and accessible.

With corporate-related law, Lexyom never deceives. In an industry where innovation is slow to take hold, Lexyom’s team of experts works tirelessly to revolutionize the world of legal. Their goal is clear: assisting startups with their legal services and helping them grow. Co-founders Rami Alame and Nadine Imad started Lexyom to bring accessible digital legal to the region, to benefit startups and entrepreneurs. Lexyom is the first law firm to introduce a Legal Academy, offering a constantly updated range of legal and corporate courses for young entrepreneurs and startups. They also implement smart contracts into everything they do. These contracts represent a technical shift on a scale beyond anything the legal profession has seen in the previous few decades. However, Lexyom is not stopping there. They are currently introducing their latest legal solution: automated contracts generated on the company’s website.

This option will modernize both the legal and the corporate worlds. No more time spent on long contract meetings with expensive lawyers. Lexyom’s secure Dashboard allows you to create verified legal contracts. Their website uses AI to generate a report specifying what is missing from the agreement as well as the percentage breakdown of what should be included. Of course, it does not apply to all contracts, but the list is comprehensive in meeting the needs of their target audience – startups and entrepreneurs. Users can sign-up for free or subscribe for a yearly contract to access Non-Disclosure Agreements, Independent Contractor Agreements, Freelancer Agreements, and more.

The future of legal services relies on these cutting-edge technologies and automated services. Breaking down legal procedures traditionally funneled through the bureaucratic legal system and embedding some of those parts in secure, user-friendly technology is a massive step toward legal automation for startups and entrepreneurs. Legal automation for certain business contracts means less time spent in appointments and more time spent developing brilliant business plans and groundbreaking ideas. It’s fast-paced, simple legal for an increasingly fast-paced world and economy. Lexyom won’t replace lawyers, but they are developing ways to remove the middleman, making the process more efficient for young innovators and creatives.

In addition, Lexyom is currently offering a one-of-a kind, one-time offer. The offer will include unlimited contracts for a full year, which means you won’t have to worry about contracts for any business you’re conducting. It will also include exclusive access to the Premium Academy and a soft copy of Rami Alame’s bestselling book, Startup Kudos, which has been voted Startup Book of the Year. It will also contain exclusive access to the Premium Networking Group, and a surprise Air Drop Super Soon. This offer is once-in-a-lifetime, and will guarantee entrepreneurs and startups the best results. To top it all off, Lexyom is integrating a 30-day cash back guarantee for everyone who chooses to purchase this offer and isn’t satisfied with its perks. Only 100 spots will be available.

It’s likely that the legal profession will become increasingly automated in the future, especially when it comes to contracts and agreements. It is critical that law firms and attorneys leverage technology to improve their work output, speed, efficiency, and service delivery. Lexyom is setting the example in the Middle East for a phenomenon that could likely become global. Law firms and corporate industries should consider following Lexyom’s example in implementing these new technologies and smart contracts into their processes if they wish to have a strong presence in the field moving forward.

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