Lockdown diaries – with Billy Arora

2020 has certainly not been the usual year. In our series of lockdown diaries, we’re taking a day each to take a quick look into the current ever day lives of people who usually have a very contrary lifestyle than the one the current global situation has brought upon us.

Los Angeles, 6am, Billy is getting ready to go to the gym, unless she gets that email that will tellher to drop everything, grab her carry-on and head to the airport for a job on the other side of the country tomorrow. She’ll probably go for a second workout after her first meal, talk to her agencies, see clients and get ready for the next job before she meets some friends later.

But not today. Billy Arora is a Canadian top model living in Los Angeles, but as soon as the lockdown restrictions were announced, she made sure to swap her LA condo for a place in the nature in her hometown on Canada’s west-coast.

‘I love Los Angeles but in the current situation things are much better here, where I have all the nature right around me as well as my family. We don’t know how long things will be this way, I’m obviously looking forward to go back to working, but I can’t complain here.’

Billy is indeed located in a beautiful piece of the country here, with the ocean right next to the Canadian wilderness.

This is where she grew up, went to school and learned riding. She still visits her horse here, spends a lot of time with her family.

‘I love the peace and tranquility of this place. Growing up here I probably never appreciated the beauty of it as much as I do now. After years of travelling and living in extremely lively and vibrant cities and environments, I have a whole new love for my hometown.’

Billy starts her days really early and likes to go for long walks or runs. She still manages to keep a healthy routine in these times, with agencies and clients always keeping in touch and updating about the current situation.

Before dedicating her full time to modeling, Billy studied holistic nutrition and she’s very passionate about health and food. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that she spends a lot of time cooking and perfectioning her ice cream making skills during this lockdown period. ‘Simple things make me the happiest and if anything this period has shown that sometimes all the extra is really nothing more than that. Working in such a fast paced industry and living between places like LA and New York, that perspective can sometimes go missing. But that’s why I’ll always keep this place to go back to.’

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