Long-term investment? Here’s why to think MercoBank

Appreciating Assets is the increase in asset value. The majority of assets are used to accumulate and grow wealth. An asset can appreciate because of supply, demand, or a change in interest rates.

Digital Assets are becoming an essential part of a diversified investment portfolio for savvy investors of all generations.

Will Digital Assets and their underlying Blockchain technology profoundly change our world? From today and beyond, there is no doubt. Why invest in Digital Assets? Simply look at the growing demand by investors to include this asset class as part of their investment portfolios. There is a clear signal that it is time for firms to take the leap into Digital Asset management – now.

Digital is still a baby and an untapped market. The huge investors and stakeholders still have not entered this market properly in investments. We are currently living in the digital era where it has never been easier to become an entrepreneur or millionaire.

During the past 1-2 years, the trend investment in “Digital Asset” has gained popularity and has a lot of people interested in investing. Because it is believed that it can generate high returns.

As the leading Digital Asset Management Company in the world, we at Mercobank believe that blockchain for assets management is the future. We focus on high-speed blockchains, reverse ICOs, decentralized protocols, and the many advantages that digital asset management can provide the industry. At Mercobank, we maximize returns without compromising on security. We hold a basket of digital assets selected by the research team to offer asymmetric returns to our long-term investors through the hype and gain exposure to the industry-leading crypto projects.

Merco bank offers the simplest and most secure way for long-term investors to invest in Digital Assets and solves challenges in terms of estate planning, security, and privacy. Our offline vaults offer the highest level of security with private keys stored beyond the reach of cyber-criminals with sophisticated authentication systems ensuring that only our clients or their heirs can access assets. Deposit and withdraw in fiat or cryptocurrency at any time, and use Mercobank as your private savings account that earns interest and protects your assets.

What Mercobank offers to Long-term investors

Merco bank was designed to be the ultimate solution for acquiring, storing, and growing a portfolio of digital assets for individuals, businesses, or institutions. Earn interest on your holdings, simply deposit and withdraw from your portfolio vault, and unlock the next generation of decentralized, open finance. Merco bank provides frictionless access and deep liquidity for our clients looking to move seamlessly between fiat and digital assets. Optimal pricing and fast settlement in all major currencies.


Merco bank puts security first in protecting value for our clients. We have created a durable protocol for securing digital assets using offline, physical vault infrastructure, and drawing from our deep experience in the industry.

Exceptional returns

Merco bank portfolios have substantially surpassed the S&P 500, and the general digital asset market. Merco bank clients also earn returns from decentralized finance (Defi) strategies and delegated staking, compounding returns.


Clients have the option to deposit or withdraw from their portfolio at any time, with no fees. Our smart rebalancing system is optionally applied to portfolios every quarter, and new opportunities are constantly analyzed and offered to our clients proactively.

Rational Diversification

Supported assets are carefully analyzed and chosen by our team, offering investment into a qualified set of digital assets.

Track your returns

Calculate your Net Asset Value over time, with reporting on underlying asset performance and interest earned via our yield products.

Custody and Insurance

Merco bank provides institutional-grade custody of digital assets, with governance models for operations and estate planning. We eliminate any single point of failure for private keys through MPC technology and hold asset insurance.

Manage your portfolio

Build a balanced investment of digital assets to complement your investment portfolio, and invest directly from the platform.

Empowering Investors

Whether you’re an advanced trader or a crypto-beginner, Mercobank gives you the power to chart your own financial course. Our investment products offer a variety of digital asset investment strategies and goals, that caters to your needs and belief.

All in one platform, simplify your investment

With Mercobank, you can analyze the markets, exchange your digital assets and fiats, participate in digital asset investment, secure your digital assets, manage your portfolio, and get updated with the latest crypto news on just one platform. Take full control of the digital asset markets wherever you go.

Create a customized portfolio for retirement, health care, and a child’s education with the freedom to invest in the traditional markets and alternative assets – all in one place.