Luisa Baldassarre: 5 things to remember before opting for cosmetic procedures

Luisa Baldassarre highlights trend towards safer cosmetic procedures called “Liquid Butt Lift “

For the longest time, people have been modifying their bodies to make them more appealing to themselves. The fad of butt lifts has been growing over the years. One is usually required to get butt implants or a Brazilian Butt lift with fat grafting. Woodbridge Cosmetic Clinic is one such company that provides liquid butt lifts. The Canadian company will shape your buttocks in a one-time treatment without the risk of surgery. If undergoing surgery, one needs to consider the following things.

Check the surgeon’s qualifications.

One needs the surgeon to be qualified and adept to handle the surgery. They need to be a board certified plastic surgeon . With particular expertise in the Particular surgery you are having. As they all have their specialties.

Check the facility

The surgery needs to be at an accredited facility with strict standards for proper equipment, safety, and staffing.

Be patient following surgery

The recovery process requires a lot of patience and care. One cannot rush the recovery and let the body heal on its own over a period of time.

Save for expenses.

Such procedures require a good amount of money and can burn a hole in your pockets. One would need to save for extended periods to be able to afford the surgery. Tis no guarantee what the end result will be. So, may need multiple procedures with Zero Guarantee.

Think about the future

The patient needs to be aware that their body will change over the years and react to the surgery in ways that could not be foreseen.

Woodbridge Cosmetic Clinic is the first clinic in Canada to offer Revanesse Contour XL branded as the Liquid Butt Lift. It is the solution and future of butt lifts and was incorporated by Luisa Baldassarre in 2019. The procedures are done by an internationally known plastic surgeon, Dr. Sean Rice. He is the only doctor providing this treatment in Canada. Slowly and steadily, there will be more and more demand for non-invasive surgery. Woodbridge Cosmetic Clinic is one institution that could revolutionize the world of plastic surgery. With our no downtime “liquid Butt lift”.