Magento Urges Store Owners to Migrate to the Latest Release

The largest e-commerce ecosystem, Magento has announced that Magento 1.x branch is scheduled to reach End of Life and the users will not receive security updates anymore. Currently, between 200,000 and 240,000 online stores are using the services of Magento 1.x.

The owners of these online stores will need to upgrade to the latest Magento version, the 2.x branch where they can receive security updates on a regular basis.

Magento has insisted the store owners to migrate to the latest version of the eCommerce ecosystem so that they won’t have to face the risk of having sites hacked and infected with code that steals customers’ payment details.

Magento is the most powerful and popular technology that is hosting online stores around the world. It was launched in 2007 and it instantly gained popularity for its superior features and customizable options. In 2015, the company released Magento 2.x that was an upgrade with a total re-write and architectural design of the previous version. Magento extension development is available for the online store owners so that they can customize the Magento’s features.

There are still many web stores that have not upgraded to the latest branch and are staying on the older release. Hosting Tribunal collected the statistics in February 2019 and found that more than 250,000 online stores are using Magento and only 11,000 are using the newer 2.x.

The stats are showing that there are a majority of Magento users who are not using the latest release and are still running outdated software.