Man behind the viral “angryreactions” TikTok Account Shares his Story with Followers

The man behind the viral “angryreactions” TikTok account is Oneya Johnson. His life wasn’t the same a few months ago. He was evicted from his home and separated from his ex. But life isn’t always fair, and Oneya shared his experience with his fans and followers.

He talked with Buzzfeed News about his online persona and offline reality. Oneya shared that he isn’t an angry person. He may look angry and mean, but in reality, he is a sunny, positive person.

When a 16-year-old baker in North Carolina shared a video decorating a cake and asked viewers not to be mean, Oneya came to her support. His response demanded attention when he said, “Who’s being mean to you? Who?” he yelled, before cheering her on. “Girl, that cake looks good!”.

Oneya has always been mistaken as a mean person for his burly figure, but he isn’t as mean as he looks. He said that if he passed someone on the street, then he would look like an angry person. But once you know him, he is a positive person.

The 22 years old, Oneya Johnson has millions of followers on two TikTok accounts and 147,000 subscribers on YouTube. Looking at his success, many people are now also looking for ways to buy Tik Tok followers to fuel their growth. His YouTube channel is the Humble King. Oneya shared his story on YouTube; a few months ago, he was evicted by the landlord from an apartment in Michigan.

He used to share the apartment with his ex. Then his ex left him, and he started to live in his car in Lafayette, Ind., where his brother lives. His ex Jillian and Johnson share two children. But because of his giant stature and voice, their fights used to get noisy and ugly. That led neighbors to complain when the two fought.

After their separation, the two are on good terms. But Johnson shared that he wasn’t always this strong-minded. He used to suffer from suicidal thoughts. Moreover, he suffered from a lack of self-confidence. Now he has gradually reached a place where he is at peace with himself.