Marcus Kitzmann’s Top Graphs Makes Investing Easier

Marcus Kitzmann has been an investor for many years. However, he always had to do a lot of research and analysis about a company before investing in it. Through the years, he used many tools and softwares, but it still had something missing. He wanted to analyze stocks better and achieve higher profits. That’s why he finally created TopGraphs, which made investing more accessible for Marcus Kitzmann.

TopGraphs makes stock research as easy as possible. With this tool, you can find undervalued stocks faster and have all the fundamental data in view immediately. It can make you more successful as an investor and make your job easier.

Unlike other software and tools that are complicated and hard to learn, Top Graphs has easy-to-understand graphics that help you understand the performance of a company. So, you can check the investment potential the company has and decide whether you want to invest in it.

TopGraphs Screening
TopGraphs -UNM

The research and analysis part is a crucial step for an investor; the success of your investment lies in this step. One misstep can lead to massive losses. TopGraphs takes care of your analysis and research and helps you make informed decisions.

Marcus made sure that you don’t spend much time analyzing the data provided. So he designed TopGraphs in such a way that it offered only relevant information. TopGraphs has data of around 150,000 listed companies from 91 markets. It can analyze the data and make smart decisions for you.

TopGraphs was published in 2020 by Marcus in the hope that it will help investors with researching the stock market. The tool is easy to understand and works its wonders.