Marilyn Hucek Inspires Us With Her Music Video Filmed Under the Conditions of Quarantine

Marilyn Hucek, like all of us, was trapped at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The country went into lockdown, and everyone was told to stay at home unless absolutely necessary. Under such challenging circumstances, Marilyn was still able to create some music. She inspired us with her music video “What” that was filmed under the conditions of quarantine.

It was for the first time that Marilyn was in close proximity to her long-distance boyfriend and her family. Being in each other’s space, 24/7, was difficult. She struggled with her relationships with her family and her boyfriend. However, she managed to find the silver lining in it all. Marilyn rediscovered her passion for music and made music that wasn’t just focused on the taste of the mass but music that reflected her emotions.

She shared that even though staying with her family and boyfriend for such a long time was trying; she couldn’t change it for the world. Marilyn said, “I had a chance to go deeper in my relationship with my boyfriend and family. And at the end, I don’t regret any of it.”.

The song “What” was composed during the quarantine and has both an electro-pop influence and Daft punk influence. “What” has dark undertones to it, but the song also has positive learning that Marilyn discovered. She partnered with her cousin Natacha Sinkovich in Vina del Mar, Chile. Natacha created a contemporary dance video to the song “What” that Marilyn made.

It was a video shot without any fancy equipment or exotic location. The video has MTV VMAs Best Music Video From Home vibes.  The video is a homemade black and white one, which symbolizes the contrast between indoor/outdoor, happy/sad, and light/dark.

It is a perfect juxtaposition of the inner and the outer world that Marilyn experienced during the quarantine. Her emotional struggle can be seen in her new music, “What,” her second single of her 2020.

Listen to the song here: