Massage Guns Are Speeding-up Recovery Process for Professionals in the New Normal

Massage has always been an integral part of recovery. Athletes rely on massage to help reduce muscle soreness and inflammation, aid the recovery process, and enhance performance. As per the experts behind OYeet NEX PRO Massage gun, the popularity of massage is rising as the new normal has forced us to look at recovery and workouts in a new light. The pandemic may have kept us in our homes, but that hasn’t stopped athletes and professionals from taking care of themselves. The approach nevertheless has changed.

The creators of the 2021 Reddot Design Award winner, powerful & portable OYeet NEX PRO understood that recovery was becoming a home-based activity like almost everything else and further emphasized the fact that massage guns can be used safely and efficiently with ease. The market for massage equipment is huge, valued at around $6 billion, and most purchasers tend to incorporate at least 1-2 at-home sessions a week. The trend is estimated to rise as the pandemic prevents us from pursuing more traditional and expensive massage and spa services.

M​assage guns offer vibration therapy that is both lightweight and portable. A 2014 study showed that athletes who regularly used vibration therapy saw significantly less muscle soreness, making personal massage guns an ideal post-workout tool. “Professionals needed something more accessible as the new normal shifts our approach toward wellness and recovery,” explain the experts at OYeet. “Message guns can be used anywhere, giving you all the benefits of a traditional message at your fingertips.”

Investments in self-care message guns are dominating the market as people prioritize their health and wellness. The OYeet NEX PROcreators, who have worked with professionals, capitalized on the reality that people will not wait for traditional services by putting their recovery on the back burner. The new normal is about prioritizing self-care and maintaining optimum levels of strength and performance. Massage guns speed up the recovery process asyou don’t have to wait or book appointments. They are available right away aslong as you own a massage gun.

P​rofessionals understand that recovery isn’t optional. It is mandatory, and people are purchasing massage guns to meet their workout and athletic goals. There is nothing more relaxing than grabbing a massage gun post- or pre-workout, and when the inflammation decreases, the user is bound to feel better than before. A fantastic product for the new normal,the features of NEX PRO can help speed up recovery and ensureprofessionals have the right tools to positively enhance physical well-being and performance.