Matthew Petitto Spreads Positive Vibes Among his Viewers with Unique Content in his Twitch Streams

Social media is a blessing for every person who has got a unique talent to produce interesting content for people. Matthew Petitto is a great example who knows how to take advantage of social media platforms such as TikTok and Twitch.

He started his journey on TikTok in 2019 and gained millions of fans by creating funny videos on TikTok. Born in Staten Island, New York, Matthew Petitto has always been a sports fan and he has participated in video games on a large scale. Before diving into the world of influencing, he was into acting and had featured in the WuTang American trilogy.

Due to his passion for video games, Matthew Petitto started using Twitch to post funny streams for his viewers. At the age of 18, he enjoys a lot of streams on Twitch due to his creative & funny video game content. On a daily basis, he enjoys around 500 streams on Twitch and he has become a verified streamer on Twitch in just 2 weeks.

Matthew Petitto spreads smiles and fun through his Twitch streams to fill his viewers with positivity. He posts unique content in his streams to help people remove negativity from their lives. The positive vibes he spreads using unique ideas through his twitch streams simply fills his viewers with a fun & happy mood.

Matthew Petitto says that when he met with a bad car accident, it was streaming that helped him distract his mind from depressing things. That’s why he chose to twitch streaming to make people feel better with his funny & positive streams.