Matthew Ziegert on Finding the Perfect Balance of Home and Work in Order to Scale

Involving oneself in entrepreneurship or simply trying to make it independently are two of the biggest goals that many people around the world have, no matter their ages. These dreams usually arise during childhood or teen years, but sometimes, something in adulthood can trigger the motivation to take control of one’s future. Unfortunately, every industry is highly competitive, and it can be hard to find the proper motivation to really get the ball rolling.

For Matthew Ziegert, one of the country’s top-producing mortgage lenders, that motivation came in the form of watching those around him grow themselves. “I was constantly being inspired by those who took initiative,” he says, stressing the importance of independence and dedicating oneself to their goals. Though there’s more to it than dedication; many factors need to be considered to scale successfully.

Family is one of those things for Matt; having that healthy balance of work and social time with loved ones is crucial for success. Not only is it important to nurture and strengthen those relationships, but one will be able to get back support, inspiration, and motivation in return. For a handful of people, those things may not seem so important, but Matt has worked on these aspects throughout his career and they’ve surely paid off.

Today, Matt is a branch manager at Cardinal Financial, he is one of the industry’s most senior lenders since 1987, and he works at one of the top locations in the country, something that didn’t come easily. He has brought his ideals of balance over to this role and ensures that every customer or industry professional he works with has a stress-free, thorough, and quick experience.

To help him achieve this, Matt and Cardinal Financial have incorporated technology into their systems. They’ve worked together for some time on a software program that allows those in the mortgage industry to execute deals much quicker and more transparently, and it’s played a part in many success stories so far.

Matt’s goal is to always provide the perfect mortgage experience for those involved, including loan officers, realtors, attorneys, title companies, and clients. By doing so, not only is he strengthening his reputation, but he’s earning more business through repeat customers and positive referrals. Most of this is done 100% digitally, showcasing how important technology can be when expanding a company.

2020 showed us how quickly businesses can shut down or be forced to close, so ensuring one can continue conducting business remotely is essential. With all of these practices, it’s no surprise why Matt has come as far as he has since entering this industry for himself.