Medicinal Cannabis Is Taking The Investment World By Storm

Experts on global trends believe that CBD products will soon flood the food and cosmetics market and such company as World High Life PLC (NEX: LIFE) is aiming to become the world’s leading CBD and medicinal cannabis player.

They forecast that by 2020 cannabis will be in coffee, ice cream, yoghurts, soups, salad dressings, soaps and face creams. Is the green obsession powered by real health benefits or simply driven by marketing?

Until recently, the word cannabis brought to mind  “coffee shops” in Amsterdam. But recently, cannabis is less associated with getting a buzz and more with treatment. Cannabis is prescribed against stress, anxiety, drug-resistant diseases, headaches, painful periods, insomnia and even skin imperfections. This new focus on health has sparked a wave of innovation as patients move away from inhaling the plant and towards creams and alternative consumption methods.

Even Traditionally Conservative Poland Has Embraced Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana is becoming more and more popular in the media for its medicinal powers. There are many patients for whom it improves the quality of life. According to experts, there can be from 300 thousand to even one million medical cannabis consumers in Poland. This means that business is flourishing in the countries that grow it (in Poland you can only grow fibrous cannabis with a THC content in dry matter of herb of 0.2%, and not medical marijuana, so you have to import it). Make sure you get a clear understanding of what is cbd oil before proceeding with this information.

Another important part of the cannabis market is industrial Hemp. . In March 2018, Google’s search engine recorded a record-breaking increase in interest in CBD products, and experts from the company conducting market analysis Brightfield estimate that the global cannabis business in less than three years will reach 22 billion dollars.

There is one investment company which also plans to transfer their know-how overseas. World High Life PLC (NEX: LIFE) is aiming to become the world’s leading CBD and medicinal cannabis player by the acquisition of the most promising UK and European companies.

WHL has acquired UK’s leading CBD company Love Hemp Ltd. in a transaction involving all shares valued at 9 million GBP. Love Hemp produces a variety of CBD products such as sprays, vapes, oils, edibles, CBD-infused beverages, and cosmetics, and sells their products in 1,200 UK high street stores. Additionally, they have agreements with big companies such as Boots, Tesco, Superdrug and Sainsbury’s.

Companies like World High Life are setting themselves up to take advantage of one of the world’s fastest growing industries. They are particularly focusing on Europe as the region is tipped to be one of the largest and most important cannabis sectors in the world over the coming decade.