Meet Australia’s leading re-branding and fashion expert Matilda Morgan.

Through her branding, fashion, and business skills, the ravishing entrepreneur has built her unique path to success in the industry. 

Since the olden days, every successful entrepreneur, directly or indirectly, has achieved success with the aid of others, who have mentored them or inspired them in some way or other. No one is an islander, and there is no “self-made” millionaire entrepreneur. Like in the business world, it’s difficult to become a recognized expert in a region. Doctors, chief executives, lawyers, athletes, and first-class entrepreneurs all have mentors, coaches, role models they look up to, similarly, most Individuals will have to get a mentor to get to the top of any business. Someone who can direct them to make career choices that not only affect one’s brand but also affect their audience. Entrepreneurs need to have a specialist like Matilda who can identify their brand story, add a specific identity to it, and build their brand for the right audience. Born in Australia’s elegant suburban and glamorous fashion world, Matilda is a professional businesswoman and a re-branding specialist. Being exposed from a young age to the trendy society, instilled love and a penchant for nifty fashion and apparel is Matilda.

She began her journey by studying International Business & Supply Chain Management at the University of Melbourne and RMIT. She created her label, Boo & Westley, based in Indonesia, after completing her studies by working with amazing artisan groups to spread their stories and help build art economies in their regions. She says, “My companies have given me a wealth of fashion, style, and expression experience that many stylists don’t have the pleasure of being able to capitalize on for their customers. I found that many people struggle to develop a style that reflects their unique self, fits their body & climate, and represents their values while working in fashion and retail.” Matilda claims that the focus of her elegant style, her unfailing resolve, and her dedication to the projects made her career sore.

Matilda created her third company, Impact Driven Style, after earning strong revenues and popularity in the industry, as a picture specialist, to encourage business people, speakers, and pioneers to use design to their potential advantage, turning their image into an incredible business resource. In the company, professional stylists work together to create a visual portfolio for a person and its brand, including online presence, social media content, meetings, and events. Matilda’s friendly and unquenchable demeanour and the ability to manufacture and create high-quality luxury apparel for elite brands and industry accommodated her company’s development and recognition. To support people’s brands, Matilda utilizes an idea-driven strategy. Her management is centered on bringing the personal touch into an individual’s brand and has produced outcomes to other niches for entrepreneurs from the apparel industry. Her venture is close to writing a brand message/story that focuses on an expert’s fun and easy-going apparel.

Currently, Matilda is the founder of 3 independent organizations and it didn’t take her long to realize that a lot of people didn’t put much thought into their business clothes or even the desire to wear clothes that suit them. Her future in the entrepreneurship world seems to be very exciting and will surely take her to places needing her fashion expertise. Here’s wishing her all the best for her future projects.