Meet Daniela Graci, founder of Aesthetics Retreat

Aesthetic Retreat GmbH is a medical treatment facility based out of Zurich, Switzerland and is the perfect place for many people to go to, given the variety of services they provide and the expertise that each professional at the institute brings with them.

Founded and owned by Daniela Graci, Aesthetics Retreatis at the forefront of providing numerous skin care treatments such as anti aging, skin tightening, lymphatic drainage, wrinkle treatment She many more. Daniela is an expert at wrinkle treatment herself and continues to grow her knowledge by attending seminars and lectures so that she can provide even better treatments to her clients.

She got into the industry when and noticed a difference between how people of the same age look different due to some getting treatments done. She made her career choice when was 22 years old and has never looked back. The business is family owned where she looks after treatments and her sisters look into travel.

At the institute, Daniela aims to achieve the perfect balance between optimising psychological health, improving the overall health and packaging it with a beautiful appearance to ensure that get clients feel revitalised.

The company also employees too professionals to ensure that the quality of work isn’t hampered. If you’re one of the many people who need a break, Aesthetics Retreat is the perfect place for you to be at.