Meet Dantré Taylor –  He Defeated His Problems To Became A Great Footballer And A Successful Marketer

After undergoing two heart surgeries, most people would want to live a life free of troubles, right? But Dantré Taylor has shown the world that even heart surgeries can stop one from doing big things in life.

Hailing from Manchester, New Hampshire, “Kid Kash” has been named the“Global Marketing Icon” at 19. Now, his goal is to materialize his lifelong wishes for the betterment of himself and the people around him – what else do you expect from a candidate of the 2025 NFL Draft and a marketing genius?

Life was rough for Dantré from the early years. Having 11 siblings can be fun, but it is extremely difficult if your parents can’t pull the household’s cart. But these humble beginnings didn’t stop him from making the right choices.

From an early age, he became a student-athlete and was fond of playing football and many other sports. He polished his football skills, and people started thinking highly of his playing style. In his middle school, he was playing football nationwide. Things were going well – he got admission to the prestigious Holderness School because of his academic and sports greatness. Even the colleges were keeping an eye on this young footballer. But things changed as he had to go through second heart surgery.

Ailing health, homelessness, and being away from football put him under great stress. Later on, rejoining the school, he was told on short notice that his school will no longer have an 11-man football team. He had to transfer to a new school, which was a tough decision. But being the persistent kid he is, he managed to lead his team to win the first state-level championship in 9 years and the Bishop Bowl, New Hampshire’s Catholic School Championship.

COVID-19 and remote learning made him refocus on playing football and making money. In two months, he built his marketing agency and brought results for 7-figure clients – all at the age of 19. He is a teenage millionaire who can inspire a whole new generation. He got interested in marketing at 14 when he started his sneaker reselling business from the $800 he received on graduating from Middle School. This venture led him to earn 6-figures in only three years! He ventured into Forex and started learning about marketing. But things turned once again when he had to spend it all on his family.

His holding company “Excel Enterprises” provides marketing, consulting, and luxury concierge agency services. His venture Disrupt Marketing founded with his partner Garrett Mandigo is bridging the achievement gap between independent and industry talents in both the music and modeling realm. He is working smart to expand his business operations sustainably.

He draws inspiration from the greatest people to meet his great goals. The creativity of Kanye West, the Marketing of Gary Vee, and the philanthropy of Charlie Jabaley have all impacted him to become a great person. He hopes of making America’s biggest indoor sports complex in New England for underprivileged kids.

For achieving his goals, you can catch him waking at 6 am, taking classes, answering phone calls, providing consultation, and networking with amazing people — all before he heads off to football practice to finish the day. As his day unwinds, he looks forward to spending nice time with his girlfriend in which is seen on his Instagram as they travel the world together. All the hard work put in by this young man will allow him to materialize his dreams one day.