Meet Elisha Elbaz: an Interview with the CEO of Digital Future

Elisha Elbaz, CEO at Digital Future, joins a new generation of Israeli businessmen that are impressing the world with their hard work and successful startups, incorporating innovative methods to beat modern day challenges.

Active in the world of business since he was 21, Elisha Elbaz also has a huge following on Instagram, speaks three languages fluently, and loves to breakdance. With 2020 being a year of rapid change, it was an opportunity to meet with Elisha Elbaz to find out a bit more about his work and how digital marketing can change things for brands and their users. It turns out that he is a mastermind behind the high rates of app installs for many companies – and since everyone is asking “how can I get more app installs” and “how can I growth-hack my business” – this interview will likely be popular:

Elisha, why is it important for companies or influencers to build a powerful brand?

By building a powerful brand, companies can connect with their community of consumers and build long-lasting relationships and loyalty. This means that they become repeat customers.

You have a huge following on Instagram. Was that easy to establish?

Instagram is a wonderful way to grow a brand and uses the same principles as all social media marketing tools. It requires quality content that is easy to understand, promotional methods to share it, and the ability to connect with the audience. For me it was a professional and personal challenge that I undertook this past year, and it has helped me grow in both areas.

What are the main challenges faced by your clients at Digital Future?

On average, people are spending approximately 3 hours a day on their mobiles and the right performance marketing can make any campaign successful. The majority of mobile users prefer apps over the web to perform various actions, and companies need better feedback on traffic performance.

Our clients include app developers, media agencies and affiliate networks, but the biggest challenges are faced by mobile app developers. They face the challenge of having to increase the number of app installations and to ensure a steady revenue.

Other challenges faced by app developers include payments and approvals. These have to be fast and reliable in order to build consumer trust on their apps.

We are off course in the business of providing solutions to other peoples’ challenges.

What does your typical workday look like?

Organized chaos and good cooperation! Our company has a huge responsibility to our thousands of clients. I have a great team and we work together tirelessly to manage the challenges that we face on a daily basis. Our main concern is giving our clients the perfect final result, and we all work with that goal in mind.

A great part of my day concerns managing the hundreds of communications that are an essential part of our work. Our team constantly works at optimizing our efficiency and we are currently introducing exciting optimization technology.

Off course I also spend a great deal of time measuring the rate of app installs my clients have when compared to their competition – and keeping an eye on the ROI dashboard to make sure they lead their respective markets.

How easy was it to reach this level of success?

There is no easy path to success. I myself started out in business since 2008 and have also faced failure. It’s important to quickly accept it and move on.

Personally, I believe in setting goals and working towards them. Even though I have not found a mentor to work with yet, I have received coaching that has been very constructive for me. Our CTO at Digital Future, Raz Kofman, has also taught me a great deal.

To be honest: delivering high rates of app installs to businesses in the world of “itunes and the Google Playstore” and doing it at the best rates in the industry was not a one-off achievement. We are constantly re-inventing the way things are done! As app and mobile performance marketing becomes a mature market, we’re in it for the long haul.

Do you have enough free time and what do you do with it?

In our line of work our day is never over. Clients are often in other time zones and we often work until all hours and take work home. However, taking time out is important, and when I do, I love to spend it with my family who fill me with happiness and motivation.

I relieve stress by working out a few times a week. Listening to hip hop music and breakdancing also help relax me. I also use my free time to catch up on professional developments and knowledge by listening to podcasts and watching videos.

Tell us what new clients at Digital Future can expect to gain from your services.

New clients approach us to help them form a marketing strategy that will help their brands achieve their goals. The resources available to us help assist with this and we can also monitor the performance of the campaign at every stage.

Besides offering them success in promoting their mobile apps, increased brand awareness, social media growth and lead generation, our business model is built on the principles of respect, patience, reviewing and improving.