Meet Lesiba Mothupi- a successful entrepreneur who has never let any situation define him and made his own future

Some people reach for the stars at a young age, Lesiba being one of them who has tasted success with his hard work and focus.

At an age of 23 Lesiba has achieved over 7 income streams and has become a multi millionaire. Not only this but he has overcome all his sufferings and paid off a debt of our R100K+ and is now an owner of Mercedes Benz too. But success was not easy for him. He has made his own way to success.

Lesiba was born in 1997 in a small town of Polokwane, Limpopo, South Africa. At the age of 14 he was living at a garage with his family but always looked forward for a bright future. He had a passion for skateboarding but destiny had a different plan for him. His best friend passed away and that changed everything in his life. At an age of 17 he got involved in the streets, drinking and smoking with wrong people his studies took a back and college was never an exciting thing for him but he decided to take full control of his life and started foreign exchange trading at an age of 19. Soon he dropped off from college and started his own company Forex Chasers.

He is the founder of the “Forex Chasers”. He owns a YouTube channel with more than 2.9 million views. Forex Chasers is not only teaching people on how to make money but educating them on a scale that keeps them consistent on profit making in foreign exchange market through all ups and down. After experiencing many losses and sleepless nights the Chasers Strategy was formulated. This strategy aims at simplifying and utilising the power of market structure to anticipate the momentum of market and does not depend upon market indicators.

On a personal front, he got married to a lovely girl and now lives with his family in a beautiful estate. He has also helped his mother financially and gifted her a car too. The institution has helped many achieve their dreams. After having worked with top successful businessmen, Lesiba has developed a great relationship and is a self learner.

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