Meet Rachid El Khabbachi, A Notable Name In The Fashion World

Every day, we wake up to a new face on social media, and whether we admire the content of that digital creator or not makes us either follow their work or fly away unimpressed, respectively. Scrolling through the Instagram feed and noticing how aesthetically pleasing pictures of lifestyle and fashion bloggers are, we secretly think over the possibilities of starting a blog too, but step back doubting ourselves. Who does not want to be famous and successful, but only a few dare to leap. Rachid El Khabbachi, also known as JM, an African blogger and lifestyle influencer, is an inspiration for youth who started from scratch and has a mass following now.

Rachid El Khabbachi grew up in the streets of Mauritania, surviving every day hoping for a better tomorrow. Watching his family struggle for bread and butter every day developed an urge in him to make their life better. With this wish in his heart, he grew up into one of the most popular social media influencers on Instagram.

He did not have a lavish lifestyle to flaunt or an expensive camera to take good pictures. All he had were pure intentions and a goal to make life better for his family. He bore a wish in his heart of giving them the best lifestyle.

Rachid dedicatedly learned the art of photography. He would explore the city for scenic photography spots, capture aesthetically pleasing shots, and spend hours editing them to post pictures on Instagram every day. In no time, he gained a mass following and started signing up for collaborations with big brands.

Following the path of loyalty and hard work, Rachid pulled himself out of the dirt poor, a fate he took birth with, and told the world how from nothing you could become everything. From an Instagram influencer (JM Lifestyle Official), he became a successful businessman.

Rachid El Khabbachi owns multiple shares in different companies and runs a real estate business too. Out of his several sources of income, Rachid makes money by buying gold and diamonds and later selling them for a significant profit.

The sky is the limit for Khabbachi as he has yet another dream of becoming a billionaire and serving the poor. Knowing what being poor feels like, Rachid, with his kind heart, wants to help the underprivileged through times that he once went through. He knows what sleeping with an empty stomach feels like and wishes it upon no one.

With this mindset, loyalty, and a kind heart, we are sure that Khabbachi won’t take long to climb up the ladder of success and make a mark in this world. Apart from being a famous lifestyle influencer, he is a beautiful human being and a great inspiration for all.

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