Meet Shoaib Ghauri, the Pioneer of Accuracy Based Trading

Engineers have a lot to offer to this world, especially when it comes to identifying and solving problems. Shoaib Ghauri, being an engineer, has revamped Forex Trading and taken it to a whole new level.

It’s been seven years since Shoaib got into Forex trading. During the initial days, he was a keen observer and noticed significant problems that eventually led to the failure of Forex traders. Shoaib Ghauri, making the best use of his expertise, decided to solve the glaring problems and bring the best out of Forex traders.

Two core issues that he discovered to be causing the failure of Forex traders were greed and lack of knowledge. The avarice of maximum gains would make them aim for more than they could manage while the lack of knowledge, confused people between right and wrong due to a lot of clutter and misinformation surrounding Forex trading.

Shoaib Ghauri was not only determined to solve these issues through thoughtful engineering but also dreamt of converting it into a teachable reality to help others. And today, Shoaib is well known for single-handedly solving challenges of greed and knowledge in Forex trading.

Shoaib Ghauri kick-started his journey to problem-solving in Forex trading by keenly looking out for the core reason behind greed and lack of knowledge amongst Forex traders. The potential for a high return on investment made people trade any asset that seemed appealing to them rather than conducting sufficient research as to what works. Perhaps, that might have helped in making money quickly but can not be relied on as it is not a sustainable strategy. However, those who believed in backing up their decisions with relevant research ended up being unable to distinguish useful information from misinformation.

Seven years ago, when Shoaib began his career in Forex trading, he researched a lot and made visits to successful traders in the industry to find for himself what works and what doesn’t.

To date, there is tons of clutter and outdated information on Forex search engines. Shoaib Ghauri applied reverse engineering to the problems that general retail traders have and derived a way to filter useful information from misleading one and ultimately found methods that work. Shoaib Ghauri invented Accuracy Based Trading using these methodologies.

Moreover, having a realistic long-term plan and achievable monthly targets allow you to eliminate greed because you already have the long term outcome planned. You’re not chasing all the glitters that won’t probably end up being gold.