Meet the Youngest Serial Entrepreneur of Asia: Abdullah Mehmood

We all have dreams. Some we think are just too far-fetched and some we spend our whole lives trying to achieve. Similarly, Abdullah always dreamt big for himself at a very young age. He was only thirteen when he made his Facebook page and soon, he had pages of well-known brands in his ownership.

Fast forwarding to fifteen, Abdullah began making vlogs and funny videos. It was tough for him as his savings were not enough to buy the equipment needed to enhance the quality of his videos. In some time however his efforts did not go to waste and he had three YouTube channels with 100,000 subscribers. It was tough for him at the start as he was finding it hard to juggle his studies, channels and pages all together, but he strived and kept on going.

Motivated by the success Abdullah took the biggest step of his career: founding Rex Media Group. It is a media agency that supports brands in growing, advice regarding business and promotion. Rex media also helps in featuring your content on major platforms such as IMDb. His company is doing quite well, and many famous social media stars are his satisfied customers. It was all very hectic and hard, but Abdullah never gave up.

Abdullah aims to have his name in every field. In such an attempt he became the world record holder for ‘Most garland exchanged by a team of two’ in one minute. He is even coming up with his debut single this November 2020. He is seen interacting with his followers on Instagram from time to time.

To know more about him visit his Instagram account <theabdullahmehmood>.