Meet Umar Ashraf, the Pioneer of Ashraf Capital, TradeZella and Stock Market Lab

How many times have you read success stories in search of inspiration? Well, even if you are not initially looking for inspiration, you develop one as you get introduced to a success story. Umar Ashraf, a young and talented stock trader from New York, is an inspiration for many and is looked upon by those who want to polish their stock trading expertise.

Starting at an early age of 18, Umar kick-started his trading career and, after various rounds of trial and error, gained consistent profitability in the market. Today, he is 24 and a well known Stock Trader who neglects no opportunity to share his journey with developing professionals in the field and firmly believes in spreading knowledge.

Umar started trading for financial freedom and, after succeeding at it, he launched a trading community called Stock Market Lab. Currently, he is working on building TradeZella that is a trading feedback tool to help retail traders elevate their trading.

Umar believes in benefiting the world with his expertise and this is the motivation behind his Youtube channel, where he publishes precise videos on investment techniques in the stock market along with some relevant market knowledge. Umar, through his videos, aims to make his viewers understand the Stock Market practices and boost their confidence so that they can fearlessly rely on their trading abilities.

Umar leaves no chance at inspiring others and makes use of relevant platforms to do so. UmarAshraf Trades is an Instagram blog run by Umar to provide transparent trading lessons through his journey to the audience.

“I’m not a guru, I just follow my plan and setups,” says Umar as he explains his core motive.

Moreover, Umar Ashraf is on his way to building the best trading tool to help traders achieve their best self as traders and plans to continue evolving his Stock Market Lab community.