Michael Bievetski’s incredible life journey from an immigrant to a serial entrepreneur is nothing but pure motivation

Behind every success story, there are unsuccessful years of patience, perseverance and failures. The entrepreneurs living a lavish life are not born but developed by their skills. Michael Bievetski took the route of entrepreneurship after growing up in poor circumstances. His main purpose in life was always to build a business empire which he eventually built after a lot of struggle. The entrepreneur was born in Moscow and is currently based in Dubai. During school, he was not a bright student and always scored less. However, his goal was to excel in life despite being a mediocre student.

After failing in high school exams, he worked as a bank clerk and it was during this time, he discovered his passion to be an entrepreneur. The journey began when he established an automobile and lifestyle magazine. At the onset of the launch, Michael managed to do an association with companies like Bentley, McLaren and Aston Martin. Simultaneously with his training, he completed an investment consultant course from the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management. Today his core expertise lies in investment and marketing management. As a consultant, Mr. Bievetski connects with the like-minded people and he helps them in building companies as well as marketing them across Dubai and the world.

The key lesson or a takeaway from his life has been to make investments rather than doing savings. Michal who gives coachings about marketing and investment has revealed that investing is all about generating higher returns whereas savings become stagnant with having no growth. As a part of his investment, the businessman launched a marketing agency. Moreover, he suggests that the blockchain is the future of technology and it is one of the most promising fields on which his team is doing some thorough research.

Offering the best investment solutions to his clients, Mr. Bievetski thinks that real estate is a sector one must invest in. All his life, he has been travelling and connecting with people. Looking back at his journey, Michael says that he started from scratch and is now proud where he has reached. His hard work of more than a decade has paid off and the entrepreneur’s work life is all about working from lavish resorts and beaches of the world. Working remotely from any part of the world, Michael Bievetski is living a royal life and his Instagram posts truly sum it up.